Poisoned Plains of Lizardmen

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Minimum Level: 82 Party: -
Start Location: Oren Repeatable: no
Start NPC: Mouen Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - High Five
Rewards: Adena, experience, SP

1 Speak with Captain Mouen, he is located next to the Pathfinder Worker near Oren's southern gate. He explains that Antharas was slain in the Plains of the Lizardmen and that his blood poisoned the fields. The inhabitants of the plains, the Leto, became sick. Some died while others were transformed into the Tanta. A group of people have been sent to investigate but they haven't been heard from since. Mouen asks you to speak with Chief Investigator Johnny.

2 Teleport to Plains of the Lizardmen. Johnny is up the hill to the southwest of the port spot.

3 Johnny explains that he will have his investigators turn in their reports. Ask about compensation and receive: 83,056 adena, 477,496 experience and 58,743 SP. You can now access Take Your Best Shot which is also available from Johnny.