Possessor of a Precious Soul 1

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Minimum Level: 50 Party: .
Start Location: Town of Aden Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Talien Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: 263,043 exp, Virgil's Letter and ability to start next Noblesse quest

1 This is the first in the series of the Noblesse quests:

It starts in the Town of Aden on the stairs leading up to the Temple, with Talien. He sends you go the Town of Giran to talk to Gabrielle.

Nobless1.jpg Nobless2.jpg Nobless3.jpg

2 Gabrielle is in the SW corner of the main Giran square. She sends you to Antharas Watchman Gilmore.

Nobless4.jpg Nobless5.jpg Nobless6.jpg

3 Gilmore is at the port in entrance to Dragon Valley, if you port from Giran. He sends you to kill Baraham who is in a cave near the Beehive under Floran.

Nobless7.jpg Nobless8.jpg Nobless9.jpg

4 Baraham has some minions but it should be easy. Then return to Talien in Aden.

Nobless10.jpg Nobless11.jpg

5 Talien sends you to find Melody Maestro Kantabilon in Heine.

Nobless12.jpg Nobless13.jpg

6 Kantabilon is in the Grocery Store in Heine and tells you to hunt Maluk Succubi/Malruk Succubi Turen in Dragon Valley and bring back 10 of their claws.

Nobless14.jpg Nobless15.jpg Nobless16.jpg

7 The Malruk Succubi can be found in Dragon Valley and the drop rate is not so good so this can take a while. I'd guess around 1/15 drop rate.

Nobless17.jpg Nobless18.jpg

8 Back at Kantabilon he gives you the echo crystal and you go back to Aden again.

Nobless19.jpg Nobless20.jpg

9 Talk to Talien and he sends you to Hunters Village.

Nobless21.jpg Nobless22.jpg

10 In the Warrior Guild talk to Master Stedmiel then go back to Talien.

Nobless23.jpg Nobless24.jpg Nobless25.jpg

11 Talien sends you to Rune to talk to Virgil.

Nobless26.jpg Nobless27.jpg

12 Virgil is on the balcony behind the Temple in Rune. Talk to him.

Nobless28.jpg Nobless29.jpg Nobless30.jpg

13 Then talk to Ogmar who is right by Virgil.

Nobless31.jpg Nobless32.jpg

14 Then talk to Grand Seer Rahorakti who is in the Mystic Guild in the Temple. He wants 5 Crimson Moss from Splinter Stakatos in the Swamp of Screams.

Nobless33.jpg Nobless34.jpg Nobless35.jpg

15 The drop rate here again is bad, it may take a while to get 5 units. Make sure to kill them quickly or have the ability to pull them back if they start running, or you may be in a lot of trouble since they will drag back Frenzied friends to kill you.

Nobless36.jpg Nobless37.jpg

16 Back at Rahorakti, he sends you back to Kassandra who was on the balcony with Virgil.

Nobless38.jpg Nobless39.jpg

17 Kassandra has to talk to Virgil again.

Nobless40.jpg Nobless41.jpg

18 Virgil sends you to Goddard to talk to Caradine.

Nobless42.jpg Nobless43.jpg

19 Caradine is by the Magic Shop in Goddard and sends you to the Blacksmith shop in town.

Nobless44.jpg Nobless45.jpg Nobless46.jpg

20 Head Blacksmith Noel wants you to bring him 5 Lunargent and 1 Hell Fire Oil. He tells you how to get the items, I suggest just buying them but you can also do the Supplier of Reagents quest from Wesley in Ivory Tower and farm the parts as well. (I have to thank Lemm for giving me the Lunargents)

Nobless47.jpg Nobless48.jpg Nobless49.jpg

When you have those items talk to Noel again

Nobless50.jpg Nobless51.jpg

21 Then go back to Caradine and receive Virgil's Letter and 263,043 exp. You can start the next nobless quest now if you are the proper level.

Nobless52.jpg Nobless53.jpg