Possessor of a Precious Soul 2

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Minimum Level: 60 Party: .
Start Location: Rune Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Virgil Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: Caradine's Letter, 455,764 exp and ability to start next Noblesse quest

1 This is the second in the series of the Noblesse quests:

It starts in Rune Township on the balcony behind the Temple. Talk to Virgil.

NoblessII1.jpg NoblessII2.jpg

2 Talk to Kassandra who is next to Virgil.

NoblessII3.jpg NoblessII4.jpg NoblessII5.jpg NoblessII6.jpg NoblessII7.jpg

3 Talk to Ogmar who is also by Virgil. He sends you to the Swamp of Screams/Devil's Pass.

NoblessII8.jpg NoblessII9.jpg

4 Find the Mysterious Dark Knight by the ring of dead angels and speak to him.

NoblessII10.jpg NoblessII11.jpg NoblessII12.jpg NoblessII13.jpg

Then search the angel corpses one by one until you get the golden hair.

NoblessII14.jpg NoblessII15.jpg NoblessII16.jpg

Talk to the Knight again.


5 Go south east of Ivory Tower and find Witch Kalis, she sends you west of the Tower to find Matild.

NoblessII18.jpg NoblessII19.jpg NoblessII20.jpg

6 Matild gives you the item and sends you back to Kalis.

NoblessII21.jpg NoblessII22.jpg NoblessII23.jpg

7 Kalis sends you to the Valley of Saints.

NoblessII24.jpg NoblessII25.jpg

8 You will be looking for a cave opening.

NoblessII26.jpg NoblessII27.jpg

There will be several groups of quest mobs in here, called Restrainer of Glory. They are not aggro but they are social and around level 70. When you kill them you will get Orbs of Binding.


Take these over near the back of the cave and talk to the Cornerstone of Restraining until they all disappear. You should have enough orbs from killing just one group of the quest mobs.

NoblessII29.jpg NoblessII30.jpg NoblessII31.jpg

Then talk to the unicorn and it will transform.

NoblessII32.jpg NoblessII33.jpg NoblessII34.jpg

9 Go back to Rune Township and talk to Kassandra to receive Caradine's Letter and 455,764 exp.