Possessor of a Precious Soul 3

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Minimum Level: 65 Party: .
Start Location: Goddard Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Caradine Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: Caradine's Letter, 719,843 exp and ability to start next Noblesse quest

1) This is the third in the series of the Noblesse quests:

It starts in the town of Goddard with Caradine who is across from the Magic Shop. She has to talk to Ossian who is to the right of her.

NoblessIII1.jpg NoblessIII2.jpg NoblessIII3.jpg

2) Ossian tells you to hunt Pilgrim of Splender and Judges of Splender to two quest items.

NoblessIII4.jpg NoblessIII5.jpg

3) Both of these mobs are found in the Valley of Saints. They are group mobs, that nuke, HARD and fast so be prepared.

NoblessIII6.jpg NoblessIII7.jpg

4) When you have the items go back to Ossian. He now tells you to defeat the Flame of Splendor Barakiel.

NoblessIII8.jpg NoblessIII9.jpg NoblessIII10.jpg

5) Barakiel is in a cave behind the glowing screens near the back of Valley of Saints. She is a raid boss with minions. You will receive the Staff of Goddess: Rain Song when she is defeated.

NoblessIII11.jpg NoblessIII12.jpg

6) Go back go Ossian in Goddard. He gives you a Relic Box and sends you to Magister Ladd in Ivory Tower (Dark elf floor).

NoblessIII13.jpg NoblessIII14.jpg

7) Magister Ladd gives you Caradine's letter and 719,843 exp. Once you are high enough level you can do the final Nobless quest.

NoblessIII15.jpg NoblessIII16.jpg