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Minimum Level: - Party: Party
Start Location: Town of Giran Repeatable: -
Start NPC: Sir Kristof Rodemai Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Epilogue
Requirements: -
Rewards: Alliance Manifesto and 120,000 SP for leader

1 The quest starts in Giran Warrior Guild at Sir Kristof Rodemai, he is standing outside the guild on the left side of the gate. Only the clan leader has to take the quest. The clan members helping can be of any class as long they have sufficient level - the mobs they have to kill are 50-55 and some have aggroes around as well. But since time is short to complete the quest it's better to have damage classes with faster killing and able to do it with NPC buffs only. As these last one hour it should give them an idea of the time left to finish the task.


2 He will send you to take the trial given by Witch Kalis near Ivory Tower. You will need 3 members of the clan to sacrifice themselves to the Statue of Offering. After you have spoken to Kalis have those 3 chosen ones talk to the statue. It might kill them but it's random, sometimes they get the item needed and stay alive. Sometimes they die and don't get it. So unless they are ready to lose exp, have someone with rez or scrolls handy. Kalis asks you to give her 3 symbols of loyalty - the person who has got the symbol either with dying or without cannot get it second time (only if he/she relogs) so each one should keep doing it until they have it.

Lv4clan02.jpg Lv4clan03.jpg

3 This is how it looks for the clan member. And keep in mind the leader has to be present or the statue will just ask you if you are sure he wants to take the test. When you say you are ready to sacrifice yourself you either die or not and should get the symbol, if you don't just keep doing it until you do.


4 Trade the symbols from clan members and talk to the witch again. She will offer you a poison to drink. Before you do, make sure all the 3 members are there with you and ready to go for their tasks since you will have one hour before the poison speeds up and you will die. Unlike the poison from mobs this one will take all your HP if you don't get heal. Either from a healer (or even a buffer with low lvl heals is OK) or HP potions, just make sure you don't die or the quest is terminated. When you have taken the poison you will be rooted to one spot, Kalis will tell what to do to get the antidote and the time starts to count down.

Lv4clan05.jpg Lv4clan06.jpg

5 The mobs they have to kill are not too far away but all in different spots so it's up to you if you split up and each person goes for one item or you do it all together - just don't forget you have only one hour and you have one more task in Hardin's Academy after you have collected the herbs. When you go hunting, have a look in your inventory now and then since they do not always give the yellow system text saying you have got it. And if you want to have more people to help it's OK as long as any of the 3 chosen ones gets last hit on the mob.

Lv4clan09.jpg Lv4clan08.jpg

6 When you have collected all the three herbs, port to Hardins Academy and find Witch Athrea under the tree a bit away from the gatekeeper. One person has to speak to her and tell her you want to play the game. She will then spawn 16 boxes that you have to kill within one minute (or they vanish). You need to get 4 boxes shout "Bingo" to get the last quest item the Blood of Eva. If you don't get it first try talk to Athrea again, pay her 10 000 adena and she will give next set of boxes. Once you have got four of them shout "Bingo" in white chat she will give the blood. Now hurry back to the leader.

Lv4clan10.jpg Lv4clan11.jpg Lv4clan12.jpg

7 The leader has to collect all the items from the members and talk to Kalis again. She will give the antidote and the Voucher of Faith. Take it to Rodemai and he will reward you with the Alliance Manifesto and 120,000 SP. Give this to a grand master/magister when you have enough SP and the clan level will be raised to 4.

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