Quest for Fishing Shot

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Minimum Level: 1 Party: .
Start Location: Multiple locations Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Any fishing guild member Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: Fishing shots

1 This quest starts with any Fishing Guild Member in any town. This particular one was in Rune. Most are found in the Grocery stores. He tells you which mobs to hunt for Sweet Fluids (quest item, not tradeable) to trade for Fishing Shots.

Questforfishingshot1.jpg Questforfishingshot2.jpg

The mob list includes just about everything, everywhere, but here is the complete list anyway.

Talking Island


Elven Village


Dark Elf Village


Orc Village


Dwarven Village


Kamael Village


Gludin Area

Questforfishingshot10.jpg Questforfishingshot11.jpg Questforfishingshot12.jpg Questforfishingshot13.jpg

Gludio Area

Questforfishingshot14.jpg Questforfishingshot15.jpg Questforfishingshot16.jpg

Dion Area


Floran Area


Giran Area

Questforfishingshot19.jpg Questforfishingshot20.jpg Questforfishingshot21.jpg

Heine Area

Questforfishingshot22.jpg Questforfishingshot23.jpg Questforfishingshot24.jpg Questforfishingshot25.jpg Questforfishingshot26.jpg

Oren Area

Questforfishingshot27.jpg Questforfishingshot28.jpg

Aden Area

Questforfishingshot29.jpg Questforfishingshot30.jpg Questforfishingshot32.jpg

Hunter's Village Area


Rune Area

Questforfishingshot33.jpg Questforfishingshot34.jpg Questforfishingshot35.jpg Questforfishingshot36.jpg

Schuttgart Area

Questforfishingshot37.jpg Questforfishingshot38.jpg Questforfishingshot39.jpg Questforfishingshot40.jpg Questforfishingshot42.jpg

2 When you have some sweet Fluids go back to any fishing member to trade for fishing shots.

Questforfishingshot43.jpg Questforfishingshot44.jpg