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Rafforty is located just outside of the Ice Merchant Cabin near the Frozen Labyrinth. He calls himself an ice merchant, but as can be seen from the shimmering magical field that protects his cabin and the garden in front of it from the intense cold, there is definitely more to this man than meets the eye. When travellers strike up a conversation with him, he first sends them on a seemingly simple errand, conveying a message to a woman on Frost Lake, but soon he comes out with the truth: Rafforty and that woman Misa are both members of the "Zinnia Guild", an organisation that had been formed by the Order of Canna Knights after the latter had been disbanded. In choosing the name of their guild, the former Knights kept to the theme of "flowers", but so to speak in a downscaled version.

The Order of Canna Knights had been the personal guards of Princess Melissa, who was turned by evil magic into the being that now calls itself "Ice Queen Freya". The details of who or what caused that transformation are as yet unknown, but the Benandati Cartel from Rune features as prime suspect. Whoever may be behind this sinister plot, the former Canna Knights are still loyal to their Princess, even in her present terrible form, and are doing everything they can to turn her back. At the moment they are still at the stage of gathering intelligence, but even that is wrought with danger. As soon as Ice Queen Freya notices that people are spying on her, she puts a curse on them and turns them into ice sculptures. Misa is the last survivor of such a scouting party.



Quests Available

An Ice Merchants Dream

The Other Side of Truth


Schuttgart Territory