Recover the Farmland

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1) This quest starts at level 25 with Piotur near the Orc Barracks. He asks that you hunt Turek Orcs which are all over the Orc Barracks.

Recoverthefarmland1.jpg Recoverthefarmland2.jpg Recoverthefarmland3.jpg

2) All of the orcs in the Orc Barracks appear to drop the quest items. The medallions seems to come from the orcs located at the camp areas though, such as the Turek Orc Shaman and Turek Orc elder. The orcs will also randomly drop 1 of 4 pieces of relics you can turn in for other rewards. If you want a chance at making a full item you will need sets of 5 of each.

Recoverthefarmland4.jpg Recoverthefarmland5.jpg Recoverthefarmland6.jpg Recoverthefarmland20.jpg

3) Then to turn in the tags and medallions return to Piotur and he rewards you with adena.

Recoverthefarmland7.jpg Recoverthefarmland8.jpg

and even though he was extremely vague in his actual dialog, there are more options for those extra items you may have picked up.


4) Magister Iris is in the Einhasad Temple and she will reward you with exp for the pieces or the full items. The full items do not show up on her list but they are included in her "give all" option.

Recoverthefarmland10.jpg Recoverthefarmland11.jpg Recoverthefarmland12.jpg Recoverthefarmland13.jpg Recoverthefarmland14.jpg Recoverthefarmland25.jpg

Bronze Mirror Piece - 368 exp
Brass Trinkey Piece - 368 exp
Clay Urn Fragment - 307 exp
Jade Necklace Bead - 430 exp.

5) If you have any of these bits in sets of 5 you can go to Trader Asha in the Magic Shop and she will put the items together.

Recoverthefarmland15.jpg Recoverthefarmland16.jpg Recoverthefarmland21.jpg Recoverthefarmland22.jpg Recoverthefarmland23.jpg Recoverthefarmland24.jpg

and she has a chance of breaking them all, too.


6) You can do one of a few things with the full items, you can take them to Trader Nestle in the Grocery Store and he will exchange them for items.

Recoverthefarmland17.jpg Recoverthefarmland18.jpg Recoverthefarmland19.jpg Recoverthefarmland26.jpg Recoverthefarmland27.jpg Recoverthefarmland28.jpg Recoverthefarmland29.jpg

Jade Necklace - 59 spiritshot D grade.
Bronze Mirror - Scroll of Ressurection
Ancient Brass Tiara - Haste Potion
Ancient Clay Urn - 89 soulshot D grade

7) Or you can take them back to Iris and trade them for more exp.

Recoverthefarmland31.jpg Recoverthefarmland32.jpg Recoverthefarmland33.jpg

Ancient Jade Necklace - 3,919 exp
Ancient Brass Tiara - 3,227 exp
Ancient Clay Urn - 2,766 exp
Bronze Mirror - 3,227 exp

8) The items can also be sold to the regular shop, I will post those values soon.