Red-Eyed Invaders

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Minimum Level: 20 Party: .
Start Location: Town of Gludio Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Babenco Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: NG Baby Duck Rod, 60 Green Colored Lures and 500 Fishing Shots

1 This quest, which can be picked up at level 20, starts with Guard Babenco at the west gate of the Town of Gludio.


He sends you on to Captain Bathis at the north gate.


2 Bathis is really at the north gate, as Babenco says, and not where he is marked on the map.


After some lecturing about the difference between good-looking and serviceable armor, Bathis tells you to kill Maille Lizardmen (lvl 20, passive), Maille Lizardman Scouts (lvl 22, passive) and Maille Lizardman Guards (lvl 24, aggressive).

Redeyedinvaders8.jpgRedeyedinvaders9.jpg Redeyedinvaders10.jpgRedeyedinvaders11.jpg

3 You will find the required monsters right outside the west gate. As Bathis said, the Maille Lizardmen are physically weak, i.e. half HP. But there are many of them, so try to pick them off from the edges and keep an eye on the spear-throwing scouts. The simple Lizardmen and the Lizardman Scouts give Black Bone Necklaces at a rate of 1 out of 2, the Lizardman Guards give Red Bone Necklaces at a rate of 1 out of 3.

Redeyedinvaders12.jpgRedeyedinvaders13.jpg Redeyedinvaders14.jpgRedeyedinvaders15.jpg

4 When you have 100 of each kind of necklace, return to Bathis at the north gate.


5 Bathis has another job for you: in order to find out how the Maille Lizardmen and the Araneid spiders fighting alongside them are connected, you have to kill on the one hand Maille Lizardman Scouts and Guards and on the other hand Giant Araneids.


6 You will find the spiders a bit further west, around some farm sheds and up a slope. The Giant Araneids (lvl 24, passive) are non-poisonous, but they are hanging out with Poison Araneids (lvl 25, passive) who are. So bring some Antidote for emergencies; the simple, leafy variety will do. The mobs have exchanged gifts, so you will get Gems of Maille Lizardmen from the spiders and Incense Pouches from the lizardmen, both at at rate of about 1 out of 4.

Redeyedinvaders20.jpgRedeyedinvaders21.jpgRedeyedinvaders22.jpg Redeyedinvaders23.jpgRedeyedinvaders24.jpgRedeyedinvaders25.jpg Redeyedinvaders26.jpg

7 When you have 30 of each quest item, return to Bathis again.


8 Bathis will reward you with a No-Grade Baby Duck Rod, 60 Green Colored Lures and 500 Fishing Shots. Now you can go to any Fisherman's Guild Member (in the Grocery of every town) and learn fishing.