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by Elmar

1) This quest, which can be picked up at level 40, start with Head Blacksmith Kusto in Giran.

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2) Kusto tells you that he has allied himself with Researcher Lorain who is investigating the Cruma Tower north of Dion, a structure built by the Giants a long time ago and now infested with monsters. The Head Blacksmith fears for Lorain's safety and asks you to check up on her.

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3) Lorain is standing behind a stone block in front of the entrance on the west side of the Cruma Tower. When you come from the south you can see her orange exclamation mark peeking over the stone.

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4) The Researcher has fallen out with her colleague, Maestro Nikola. But to achieve anything in the Cruma Tower, both have to work together. Offer to act as a go-between and reconcile them.

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5) Maestro Nikola is somewhat to the southwest of Lorain. The Marsh Stakatos and Horror Mist Rippers should be no problem for a level 40 character, but beware of the aggressive and poisonous Stinger Wasps. Bring some vials of Greater Antidote with you.

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6) Click on "Quest", then on "I came here because of the work", and Nikola rewards you with 18,100 adena, 60,000 exp and 3000 SP, just like that. If your character is level 46 or higher there will only be the 18,100a reward, no exp or SP.

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7) On the next dialogue screen you can choose with which quest you want to continue. If you click on "How long are you two going to fight?" that leads to Nikola's Cooperation - Consideration. If you click on "I'm not asking you to help me for free" that leads to Art of Persuasion. Don't be afraid, in the latter case you don't have to pay anything, it's just an information exchange.