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Maestro Reorin

Maestro Reorin can be found outside a small house east of the Town of Oren. He was the youngest Blacksmith in the history of the Black Anvil Guild to earn the position of Maestro. Many heros of that time would trust only him for their weapons and armor. He made the sword of Sir Sedrick Athebaldt and the spear of Helena Blackbird. At one point he had over thirty apprentices working for him.

He then met and married his wife Reiria who was from Schuttgart. Even with riches enough to retire, a beautiful wife and the respect of his peers, it was not enough for Reorin. He wanted to create a masterpiece that would go down in history, and this idea began to possess him to the point that he ignored everyone including his wife and apprentices.

In this obsessed state, Death Lord Hallate made him an offer he could not refuse and promised he would help him create a masterpiece that would be unrivaled for all time. Despite the warnings from his wife he went along with the plan and fell into the trap, and lost his wife Reiria to the demon Hallate. He was also thrown out of his guild, the Black Anvil Guild for his meddlings with demons.



Quests Available

Fate's Whisper