Request of Ice Merchant

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Minimum Level: 82 Party: -
Start Location: Ice Merchant Cabin Repeatable: No
Start NPC: Rafforty Updated to: Goddess of Destruction - Harmony
Requirements: Completed The Other Side of Truth
Rewards: 627 000 exp, 50 300 sp, 190 000 adena

This belongs to a chain of quests telling about the Ice Queen's Castle and Ice Queen Freya. It consists of the following parts:

  1. Request of Ice Merchant
  2. Acquisition of Divine Sword
  3. Meeting Sirra
  4. Reunion with Sirra
  5. Story of Those Left

You also need to have completed the lower level quest The Other Side of Truth before starting these ones.

1  Speak to Rafforty and ask about the coded report. He wants you to swear loyalty to the Zinnia guild and after giving more of the story sends you to investigate about a sacred sword.

2  Find Kier again (you might remember him from the prerequisite quest) and talk to him. This should make Jinia show up so talk to her as well. If someone is already there doing the same quest and has Jinia spawned, you need to wait for her to disappear and then "summon" your own or the quest doesn't advance.

3  Jinia rewards you with 627 000 exp, 50 300 sp, 190 000 adena and sends you back to Rafforty.