Resurrection of an Old Manager

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This quest was previously a level 49-58 quest. To view the old quest guide, click here. Discuss or ask questions about this quest

Minimum Level: 70 Party:
Start Location: Pavel Ruins Repeatable:
Start NPC: Suspicious-Looking Stack of Stones Updated to: Freya
Requirements: Pavel the Giant
Rewards: 1,846,611 Exp & 144,270 SP

by Elmar (Updated by Jayla based on new level requirements)

1) This quest can be picked up at level 70 from Collector Yumi at the southern edge of the Pavel Ruins. You must have done Pavel the Giant to have access to this quest.

Resurrectionofanoldmanager1.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager2.jpg

2) When you promise Yumi that you will keep secret everything you learn, she tells you the history of the Dwarven exploration of the Pavel Ruins.

Resurrectionofanoldmanager3new.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager4.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager5.jpg

The Grey Pillar Guild, the Black Anvil Guild and the Bronze Key Guild were smoothly working together until a mysterious explosion occured and all the golems the Dwarves had employed started attacking them.

Resurrectionofanoldmanager6.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager7.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager8.jpg

Yumi sends you out to gather more information.


3) The location she gives is wrong. That strange building is not "in the south" but southeast of where she stands, within walking distance. You will find there a Gatekeeper-type golem called "Wendy".

Resurrectionofanoldmanager10.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager11.jpg

4) As it turns out, this was the laboratory of Dr. Chaos, a brilliant inventor or, depending on your point of view, a mad scientist.

Resurrectionofanoldmanager12.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager13.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager14.jpg

5a) When you click on "Ask about Wendy", the golem reacts quite pleased and tells you that she was Dr. Chaos' secretary.

Resurrectionofanoldmanager15.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager16a.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager17a.jpg

6a) Return to Yumi and report your findings. Now it is unveiled that Dr. Chaos was one of the greatest engineers in the Black Anvil Guild.

Resurrectionofanoldmanager18.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager19a.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager20.jpg

5b) When you click on "Answer truthfully", Wendy reacts in a matter-of-fact way, brushing off your inquiries.

Resurrectionofanoldmanager15.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager16b.jpg

6b) Return to Yumi and report your findings. The Collector blames you for having told Wendy that you acted in the name of a Dwarf guild. But then she still tells you the story of the secret rivalry between Dr. Chaos, a traditional engineer, and Master Toma, more of a physicist who had developed a whole new theory of space.

Resurrectionofanoldmanager18.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager19b.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager20.jpg

5c) The third alternative is "Apruptly offer an excuse". You should choose this only if you are into adventure and excitement (although not as exciting and adventurous now a days.

Resurrectionofanoldmanager15.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager16c.jpg

6c) Return to Yumi and report your findings. The Collector is not happy about Wendy's uncooperative attitude. She then tells you herself what little she knows about the story of Dr. Chaos and Master Toma.

Resurrectionofanoldmanager18.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager19c.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager20.jpg

7) Although Dr. Chaos was brilliant, he was overshadowed by Master Toma, the inventor of the Instant Teleportation Device.

Resurrectionofanoldmanager21.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager22.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager23.jpg

For his device Master Toma needed Starstones as energy supply, and Dr. Chaos designed for him a huge golem that would dig up those Starstones at the site of Pavel the Giant's laboratory.

Resurrectionofanoldmanager24.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager25.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager26.jpg

8) For some unfathomable reason Dr. Chaos ran away with his blueprint before "Big One" could be built, whereupon he was in absentia expelled from the Black Anvil Guild. The affair was resting for some time, but recently there has been an Influx of machines, the "Horrifying Golem Army", at the ruins of the ancient Giant laboratory. Yumi sends you back to Wendy to find out more.

Resurrectionofanoldmanager27.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager28.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager29.jpg

9a) If you have asked about Wendy in step 5), the golem at first is quite friendly, but when you then click on "I want to know how Dr. Chaos controlled his golems" and tell her that you are acting on behalf of a Dwarven guild, she tells you to get lost.

Resurrectionofanoldmanager30a.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager31a.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager32a.jpg

Resurrectionofanoldmanager33a.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager34a.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager35a.jpg

10a) Try talking to Wendy again. You then get a whole list of questions you can ask her.

Resurrectionofanoldmanager36a.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager37a.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager38a.jpg

Resurrectionofanoldmanager39a.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager40a.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager41a.jpg

11a) The interesting question is what Wendy experienced when she woke up. To help her memory she needs a Starstone from a box nearby.

Resurrectionofanoldmanager42a.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager43a.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager44a.jpg

Resurrectionofanoldmanager45a.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager46a.jpg

12a) The Parts Box is right behind you as you talk to Wendy.

Resurrectionofanoldmanager47a.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager48a.jpg

13a) The dialogue screen says "Strike the box". Don't do this! Just click on the blue link and you will obtain a Starstone. Return with it to Wendy.

Resurrectionofanoldmanager49a.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager50a.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager51a.jpg

Resurrectionofanoldmanager52a.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager53a.jpg

14a) Give Wendy the Starstone. The former secretary needs some time to think (i.e. you have to start the conversation anew), then she remembers that in the age of the Giants, when the laboratory started operation, she was in charge of transportation and management of materials while her friend Atlanta (another automaton) was in charge of controlling various golems. Go back to Yumi and read on at step 15).

Resurrectionofanoldmanager54a.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager55a.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager56a.jpg

9b) If you have answered truthfully in step 5), you arrive directly at the list of questions in step 10a). Read on from there.

9c) If you have offered an excuse in step 5), be prepared to meet trouble.

Resurrectionofanoldmanager30c.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager31c.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager32c.jpg

Resurrectionofanoldmanager33c.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager34c.jpg

10c) Out of empty air Wendy's Guardian, an aggressive lvl 46 golem, suddenly appears. It has strong P. Def., but with a good weapon this should be no problem for a level 70 character.


11c) After you have defeated the golem, talk to Wendy again. When you ask her about Dr. Chaos' golem control method, she mentions electric radio waves. Return to Yumi.

Resurrectionofanoldmanager36c.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager37c.jpg

15) When you talk to Yumi about the relationship between Wendy and Master Toma, nothing much happens. Dwarves know very little about Maphr, the goddess of earth, dark tunnels and wealth, so the automaton Wendy can't be expected to know much about her masters.

Resurrectionofanoldmanager57.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager58.jpg

16) When you talk about Atlanta controlling the golems, Yumi has the idea of tracking that being via the radio signals it sends to the machines and gives you an Electric Wave Detector.

Resurrectionofanoldmanager59.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager60.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager61.jpg

17) The entity you are looking for is sitting right in the central courtyard of the Archaic Laboratory. By just running around with your Detector you won't find it and only get in trouble with the golems infesting the area. The one and only safe way is to follow the circle road that leads to Wendy and then enter the Laboratory from the east. Head straight for the inner courtyard; the golems in the side wings are lvl 50+, aggressive and multiple HP.


When you come close to the Suspicious-Looking Pile of Stones in the center of the courtyard, your Detector will react.

Resurrectionofanoldmanager63.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager64.jpg

18) Talk to the Pile of Stones like to a normal NPC, then return to Yumi.

Resurrectionofanoldmanager65.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager66.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager67.jpg

19) When you tell Yumi about the symbol of the Giants you found on the Pile of Stones ("Titans" is just a different word for "Giants"), she realizes that the "Stones" are the remains of a golem resp. automaton used by those Genesis Creatures. With a Starstone as energy source it should be possible to switch it on again.

Now there are two ways this can go. The expensive but time-saving option is to click on "Why don't we ask Wendy?".

Resurrectionofanoldmanager68.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager69.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager70.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager71.jpg

20a) In this case Yumi sends you to the former secretary to get a Starstone. What the quest screen says about "giving the stack of stones to Wendy" is absolute nonsense. Ignore it.

Resurrectionofanoldmanager72a.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager73a.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager74a.jpg

21a) Wendy does not simply give you a Starstone. You have to purchase it from her for 3000 adena.

Resurrectionofanoldmanager75a.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager76a.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager77a.jpg

Click on "Take the deal" and you get your Starstone. Now return to Yumi and continue at step 22).

Resurrectionofanoldmanager78a.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager79a.jpg

20b) If you click in step 19) on "I really don't have any particular idea about it", Yumi sends you back to Head Blacksmith Newyear in Schuttgart. Again, what the quest screen says about "bringing the stack of stones to the Dwarf Guild" is absolute nonsense. You have to bring Yumi's letter to Newyear.

Resurrectionofanoldmanager72b.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager73b.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager74b.jpg

21b) Newyear is still in his Blacksmith Workshop.

Resurrectionofanoldmanager75b.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager76b.jpg

When you show him Yumi's letter he will give you a Starstone for free. Return with it to Yumi.

Resurrectionofanoldmanager77b.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager78b.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager79b.jpg

22) Yumi tells you to take the Starstone and place it near the Suspicious-Looking Pile of Stones in the Archaic Laboratory.


23) When you place the Starstone, the former golem manager Atlanta (that's the name of the Pile of Stones) comes alive and rewards you with 1,846,611 Exp & 144,270 SP . You can now talk to the Pile of Stones again and pick up Pavel's Last Research. But for that quest you better bring help, or a silent step BD (unless you have stealth that is.

Resurrectionofanoldmanager81.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager82.jpg Resurrectionofanoldmanager83.jpg


    • Ignore the exp/sp amount in this last image. It now gives 1,846,611 Exp & 144,270 SP.