Reunion with Sirra

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Minimum Level: 82 Party: -
Start Location: Ice Merchant Cabin Repeatable: No
Start NPC: Rafforty Updated to: Goddess of Destruction - Harmony
Requirements: Completed Meeting Sirra
Rewards: 2 152 200 exp, 181 070 sp

This belongs to a chain of quests telling about the Ice Queen's Castle and Ice Queen Freya. It consists of the following parts:

  1. Request of Ice Merchant
  2. Acquisition of Divine Sword
  3. Meeting Sirra
  4. Reunion with Sirra
  5. Story of Those Left

You also need to have completed the lower level quest The Other Side of Truth before starting these ones.

This one involves actually raiding Freya so for the last part you need to have a command channel with 2-3 groups or you wouldn't be able to enter (or do anything for that matter).

1  As usual, talk to Rafforty and port to the guild hall to Jinia.

2  Talk to her, then also to Sirra. She gives you 5 black cores that you are going to need to weaken Freya.

3  Talk to Jinia again and go back outside.

4  Run to the Ice Queen's Castle and talk to Freya's Steward to let you in.

5  Find Jinia inside and talk to her to get teleported to Freya. From this step you cannot continue unless you came with a raid group.

6  When you have killed Freya, talk to Rafforty again to get moved to Jinia in her guild hall. Talk to her and collect your reward.