Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe

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Minimum Level: 75+ Party: -
Start Location: Primeval Isle Wharf Repeatable: yes
Start NPC: Singsing Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Freya
Rewards: 1,374 Adena per quest item OR A weap parts OR dynasty armor recs

1 Talk with Singsing found on the Primeval Isle Warf.

Singsing1.jpg Riseandfall1.jpg Riseandfall2.jpg Riseandfall3.jpg Riseandfall4.jpg Riseandfall5.jpg

2 He asks you to kill Deinonychus, Ornithomimus, Pachycephalosaurus and Wild Striders in order to obtain the quest items Plain Dinosaur Bones.

Deinonychus1.jpg Ornithomimus1.jpg Pachycephalosaurus1.jpg WildStrider1.jpg

3 Obtain as many Plain Dinosaur Bones as you can get. Your rewards will vary depending on who you see and how many you have.


3a If you go back to Singsing, he will give 1,374 Adena per quest item.

3b For A Grade Weapon parts, you can also go to Karakawei who is found on an island just south of Primeval Isle. To get to him, there is Orahochin at the very southern edge of Primeval Island who acts as a teleporter to the island.

Orahochin1.jpg Riseandfall7.jpg

Riseandfall8.jpg Riseandfall9.jpg Riseandfall10.jpg Riseandfall11.jpg

The A Grade Weapons parts reward options requires 300 quest items. My first two attempts gave me: Riseandfall14.jpg and Riseandfall12.jpg.

3c For Dynasty Armor Recipe's, also give Karakawei a visit. The breakdown for required number of quest items is as follows: