Saga of the Adventurer

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Minimum Level: 76 Party: -
Start Location: Hunter's Village Repeatable: No
Start NPC: Black Cat Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Epilogue
Requirements: -
Rewards: 5 million adena, Giant's Codex and 2,299,404 exp

1 The Quest starts in Hunter's Village at Black Cat. Talk with her and she will tell you to go to Goddard to meet with Klaus, who is the Fisherman's Guild Member there.

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Talk with Klaus and he will send you to Brewer Valentine, who is also in the Magic Shop. Velentine will send you to get him a Ice Crystal (Quest: The Finest Ingredients - Part 1 ). Once you have your Ice Crystal go back to Valentine and he will brew you some Ice Wine. Klaus already eager to drink the Ice Wine will tell you where you find the first Tablet of Visions. Port to Aden and leave the town thourgh the West gate, once you arrived at the Tablet of Vision talk to it and commune with it, then move on to the next Tablet of Vision.

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2 Now you know the location of the next Tablet of Vision. Scroll back to Aden and port to Rune Township and then to Valley of Saints. Once your at the location talk with the Tablet once, it will let you know that the Amulet is near the Tablet, kill the Quest Monster - Guardian of Forbidden Knowledge till you receive the Amulet. As soon as you get the Amulet commune with the Tablet to receice the location of the next Tablet.

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3 For the third Tablet its best to Port from Aden to Ancient Battlegrounds and then run up to the Border Outpost. Examine the area and Monument Watcher Ezekiel will attack you. Kill him and get the amulet, commune with the tablet to move on in the quest line.


4 The Tablet will send yopu to the Ketra Orc Outpost, you can either run or port from Goddard. Meet with the Hermit and he will tell you that he needs a Divine Stone of Wisdom. To get this Quest item you have to ally with either the Varka Silenos or the Ketra Orcs (Quest to finish: Alliance with the Ketra Orcs or Alliance with the Varka Silenos). Once you have your Divine Stone of Wisdom return to Hermit, and he will tell you the location of the Tablet, go there and commune with it and receive the next part of the Quest.

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5 Meet the next Hermit right at the Portspot for the Wall of Argos. He will let you know that the next amulet is held by the Archon of Halisha, make your way to the Shrine of Loyalty and slay 700 of Archon of Halisha's minions. Kill the Archon when he spawns to receive the next amulet, the Tabelt of Vision you need is close to your hunting spot, run there and commune with the tablet.

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6  Now you know the location of the final Tablet of Visions. Once you arrived there and talked with the tablet, help Erica Ken Weber to fight Azrael, after the angel disappeared talk with Erica to get the final amulet. Now commune with the tablet and return to Black Cat in Hunter's Village.

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Congratulations !!! You changed your class to Adventurer !!!