Saga of the Cardinal

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1) The quest starts in Oren Castle town in the church with High Priest Hollint when you reach level 76. This quest also includes 2 other side quests, it will branch depending on whether you sided with the orcs or silenos, and offers two paths near the end to reach a quest mob. I couldn't cover all of them for obvious reasons. Choose Succession to the Legend: Cardinal. He tells you to find the Saint of Light, Agnes, in Goddard Castle Town.

Cardinal1.jpg Cardinal2.jpg Cardinal3.jpg

2) The Saint of Light can be found around the Magic Shop. She tells you to find Duncan in the Hot Springs.

Cardinal4.jpg Cardinal5.jpg Cardinal6.jpg Cardinal7.jpg

3) Chef Duncan and Chef Jeremy are both in the same area in Hot Springs, in the little camp near the center. Duncan tells you to go to Jeremy for the ice crystals.

Cardinal8.jpg Cardinal9.jpg

Jeremy sparks off another related but separate quest. He has several quests, you want The Finest Ingredients - Part 1. Once you get the ice crystal from this quest return to Chef Duncan.

Cardinal10.jpg Cardinal11.jpg

4) Return to Saint of Light, Agnes in Goddard. She tells you to find the Tablet of Vision south of the Tower of Insolence.

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5) It's marked on the map where the tablet is. It tells you to go to the Valley of Saints. Don't forget to talk to it and get the Resonance Amulet before you go!

Cardinal14.jpg Cardinal15.jpg Cardinal16.jpg

6) This table tells you that you need the stone of commune first, and it is held by a creature with 4 wings. Fortunately those 4 winged things are standing all around the Tablet of Vision. You only need last hit, and are white to a level 76. Once you get the stone of commune talk to the table of vision again and receive Resonance Amulet - 2.

Cardinal17.jpg Cardinal18.jpg Cardinal20.jpg

7) Now it's off to North of the Border Output for the next tablet. This one begins to tremor and tell you someone is nearby! This spawns three mobs which I was unable to get a picture of since they sort of jump you hard core, but one is called Fallen Angel Haures. They can be hit with Might of Heaven/Disrupt Undead so sleep/root/whatever to crowd control and take them out. You cannot have help with this or they will disappear, no outside buffs during the fights, no heals, nothing. If they disappear you have to start over. You will earn Resonance Amulet - 3.


8) Head off to Goddard again and find Priest Bastian. He starts off yet another side quest, which you may have done already.

Cardinal22.jpg Cardinal23.jpg Cardinal24.jpg Cardinal25.jpg

The orc one starts with Wahkan just outside of the north exit to Goddard.


You need to have level 2 alliance with either the Ketra Orcs or Varka Silenos. You need to approach whichever side you are allied with, at level 2. I happened to be allied with the orcs so we'll follow that path.

9) Visit Soul Guide Asefa, who is located about center of the Ketra Orc Outpost. He tells you to break into the Silenos barracks and steal a totem that is locked inside a box, so bring a Key of Theif. It also says you can't risk capture, so avoid confronting them. I'm not sure what this means but I've been told if you aggro one, you have to start the quest over. More on that in a bit.


The chest can be found here. Now from what I understand you can't aggro them as you go through, so that means no sleeping from the person doing the quest. Someone else can sleep/veil the mobs or you can sneak through with a spectral dancer's shadow dance. The thing is, I actually aggro'd two silenos but still opened the chest so I'm not sure how touchy it is. Open the box with your key of theif and get the Stolen Green Totem.

Cardinal28.jpg Cardinal29.jpg

10) Head back to Soul Guide Asefa to get the Divine Stone of Wisdom and Green Totem.


11) Go back to Priest Bastian in Goddard town. He gives you Resonance Amulet 4, and tells you to to find the Tablet of Vision north of the Silenos Barracks. It's surrounded by big scary mobs that don't attack (whew) so it's hard to miss.

Cardinal31.jpg Cardinal32.jpg Cardinal33.jpg

The tablet shakes and tells you to visit Bastian soon!


12) Back to Bastian at Goddard, he tells you that the stone of communte is held by the Archon of Halisha, and he resides in the Four Sepulchers. That requires at least 3 others players. I chose to do it alone so I can't say how that part is done, and the other option is to get 700 marks of Halisha to summon him to you instead. The minions are Grave Scarabs, Scavenger Scarabs, Grave Ants, Scavenger Ants, Shrine Knights, and Shrine Guards.


It will be marked on the map where to go. The Shrine Knights and Guards you can nuke with Might of Heaven but it's best to have a party. You should get a Halisha Mark for every mob you or your party kill.

Cardinal36.jpg Cardinal37.jpg

At 700 marks the quest monster Archon of Halisha will spawn.. He will be white to you at 76 but with some shots and alacrity/swift attack pots it should be easy. I was unprepared with minor buffs, no SS, and 50% mp but it still wasn't a problem to solo.

Despite the rumors that you cannot, you can remain in party and receive buffs/healing while you kill the archon. If somehow you manage to fail this task, you lose 20 quest items and you simply have to acquire them again.

After he dies you get Resonance Amulet 5.

13) Then find the Tablet of Vision and speak with it. It tells you to find the next Tablet of Vision north of the Seal of Shilen.

Cardinal38.jpg Cardinal39.jpg

14) This is a little confusing in my opinion because thanks to C5 we now have a port called Seal of Shilen, and you are NOT going north of that port, it's actually south located here.


The tablet tells you someone must be nearby and to patrol the area. Two thing spawn at this point, Fall Angel Tanakia and a NPC called Dawn Witness Franz. The mob is yellow to you at 76. Franz tells the mob "you are stronger than I thought but I'm not weakling" and calls you out by name to fight together and "crack his skull". If you don't help attack the mob they both disappear and you have to talk to the tablet again, so start wacking the Halisha looking thing. I don't believe I had to get it down to zero health. When it's over Franz tells you he'll pay you back and won't forget you.

Cardinal41.jpg Cardinal42.jpg Cardinal43.jpg

You earn Resonance Amulet 6 and he disappears telling you we'll see what the future bring (gotta love white chat on NPC's) and to see High Priest Hollint in Oren Castle town, where this whole thing started.


15) Back at Oren castle town, speak to Hollint. You will receive your third class change quest title, a secret book of giants, 5 million adena and 2,299,404 exp.

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