Saga of the Doomcryer

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Minimum Level: 76 Party: -
Start Location: Rune Township Repeatable: No
Start NPC: Rahorakti Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Epilogue
Requirements: -
Rewards: 5 million adena, Giant's Codex, 2,299,404 exp

1 Your Quest starts in Rune at Grand Seer Rahorakti. Talk with Rahorakti to find out what you have to do next. He will give you the Danger of Ice Spirit a book you can read if you want to. He will also send you to see Duda-Mara Totem Spirit.

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2 You will find the Totem Spirit in the Town of Goddard. Out spirit friend will send you to get him some Bitter Cold Vodka, make your way to the Hotsprings to meet Masterchef Donath. Donath will send you over to Chef Jeremy cause you will need and Ice Crystal, (Quest: The Finest Ingredients - Part 1 ). Once you got your Ice Crystal go back to Donath to get the Bitter Cold Vodka. Rush back to Duda-Mara and give him the Vodka and you will get the first Resonance Amulet as well as the location of the first tablet. Port to Aden and leave through the West-Gate to find the tablet, after you commune with the tablet the next location will be revealed.

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3 Afer you scrolled back to Aden teleport to Rune and then to the Valley of Saints. The Tablet will let you know that the Guardians of Forbidden Knowledge hold the Amulet, kill the Quest Monster until you receive the Amulet, once you have it commune with the tablet to find out about the next location.

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4 Scroll back to Rune Township and port to Goddard - Wall of Argos run to the location shown on the map. Once there talk with the tablet and defeat Sharuhi Mouth Mudaha to receive the third Amulet. Commune with the tablet and it will send you back to Goddard to meet Skahi.

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5 Port back to Goddard and meet with Skahi he tells you to bring him a Divine Stone of Wisdom, at this point you either already have or still have to get a Level 2 alliance with the Varka Silenos or Ketra Orcs. (Quests you should finish in advance: Alliance with the Ketra Orcs and Magical Power of Water - Part 1 or Alliance with the Varka Silenos and Magical Power of Fire - Part 1). Give Skahi the Divine Stone of Wisdom and he will tell you the location the the fourth tablet just outside Goddard. Run there commune with the tablet and make your wat back to Skahi.

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6 Skahi is happy to see you and tells you after a short conversation that you need to find the Archon of Halisha. Port to the Wall of Argos and run to the Shrine of Loyalty Area. Slay the Archons minions, he will spawn after you killed 701 monsters, as soon as he is dead you will have your 5th amulet, luckily the tablet is right around the corner. At the tablet its the same as with the previous ones commune with it for the next location.

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7 Port to Rune Township and then to the Forest of the Dead and run to the shown location (its the only spot in the Forest where you have vampires at daytime also). Once there talk with the tablet and help kill the Quest Monster to get the amulet, commune with the tablet and return to Rune.

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8 Back in Rune at Grand Seer Rahorakti. Congrats you made it to Doomcryer.

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