Saga of the Hierophant

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1. The Quest starts in Oren Castle Town with High Priest Hollint who can be found like every other High Priest in the local Church.


2. Hollint will send you to the Town of Goddard to meet the Saint of Light Agnes.


Agnes sends you to the Hot Springs to meet Chef Duncan, of course he won't give you the item Agnes asked for easily.

To get the item for Duncan you need to get an Ice Crystal. Go to Jeremy he will send you on the Quest The Finest Ingredients - Part 1.

Once you have the Ice Crystal go back to Duncan.


Now Agnes tells you where the first Tablet of Vision is.


3. After you teleport to Aden Castle Town, take the West Gate to find your target location. Run there and commune with the Tablet and you will find out the next location.


4. Your new location is in the Valley of Saints, once you are there, the Tablet will tell you the amulet is held by the Guardians of Forbidden Knowledge, kill the Angels until you get your amulet, then commune with the tablet, and once again you will get to know the location of the next tablet.


5. This time outside the Town of Goddard, in the lovely neighborhood of the Pilgrims Temple, you will find the next Tablet of Vision.

After you talk with the tablet and examine the area, beware it will spawn the Fallen Angel Naverius, you will have to kill her. Occasionally she will debuff you, just rebuff yourself with that buff. (Note: She can't override the new improved buffs.)


After she is dead, commune with the tablet and you will be sent to the Town of Goddard in the Temple to meet with Priest Bastian.

6. Go meet Bastian, he will have a nice conversation with you, and you have to decide which side you choose. Now you have to, depending on what side you chose, achieve level 2 in the Alliance with the Ketra Orcs or Alliance with the Varka Silenos. In this guide the Varka Silenos were chosen.

Bastian wants you to get him a Divine Stone of Wisdom, that stone comes from either the Quest Magical Power of Fire - Part 1 (Varka Alliance) or Magical Power of Water - Part 1 (Ketra Alliance). After you finished that Quest, or if you already did them, talk with Bastian again.


7. Go to the location Bastian gave you, and once again talk with the tablet.


8. Yes, back to Bastian .... after a short conversation with the priest, you will know that we are now at the fun part of this quest. You will have to go to the Wall of Argos to the Shrine of Loyalty Region and kill 700 of Archon of Halisha's Minions, actually you have to kill 701 to make him spawn. Should anyone else than you attack the quest monster, it will disappear, you will lose ten of the marks, and you will have to kill ten more of those Mobs again. Once you have killed them all, you will get your amulet, and can continue to the next tablet, which is also in the Wall of Argos.


9. Your next and final target lies outside of Hunters Village. After you talk with the tablet, two NPCs will appear. Help the Sunset Guide Luna to defeat her enemy Fallen Angel Tanakia, don't worry, the monster will disappear before it is dead. Talk with Luna and receive the amulet, talk to the tablet now to finish this part of the quest.

Sagaofthehierophant11.jpg Sagaofthehierophant12.jpg

10. Back to High Priest Hollint, and after a short chat with him, congratulations, you made it! You are Hierophant!


You also earn 2,229,404 XP.