Saga of the Mystic Muse

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by EllieBelly

1) This quest starts in Ivory Tower with Grand Magister Arkenias. She sends you to the Mystic Guild in the Town of Goddard to Magister Alminas.

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2) Alminas sends you to Information Broker Mist who is in Hot Springs.

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3) Mist wants ice crystals in return for his information, which you can get by doing The Finest Ingredients - Part 1.

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When you get that come back to Mist.

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4) Then go back to Alminas and he starts you off looking for Tablets of Vision.

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5) The first one is near the Tower of Insolence but it's easier to get to if you come out of the Town of Aden or the north port of The Enchanted Valley. Talk to it to get the next step.

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6) The next one is in the Valley of Saints in one of the green valley areas. If you talk to the tablet it will tell you that one of the Guardian of Forbidden Knowledge angels have the amulet. Kill them until you get it. Then talk to the tablet again.

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7) The next one is through the Border Outpost near the Western Fortress. Talk to the tablet and Fallen Angel Allector shows up.

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The trick with this guy is to kill the Hell Fire quest monsters FIRST. He will spawn about 5 of them so kill each one then kill Allector. If anyone buffs or heals you during this, he will disappear. He will soundly stomp you good if you try to tangle with him first, so be sure to kill all the Hell Fires as fast as possible, which will do AOE damage that hurts Allector.

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The newsletter hints at this as well.

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Talk to the tablet again and it sends you back to Alminas.


8) Alminas asks you to get a Divine Stone of Wisdom, which will require at least a level 2 ally with the Ketra or Varka to get. So pick the side you are allied with, or want to be allied with.

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Then you'll need to do either Magical Power of Water - Part 1 or Magical Power of Fire - Part 1 to get that stone. Once you have it go back to Alminas.

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9) The next tablet is south of the Monastery of Silence, talk to it and get sent back to Alminas.

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10) Alminas tells you to bug the Archon of Halisha into coming out either by harrassing his minions in the Wall of Argos near the Shrine of Loyalty or by doing the Four Sepulchers.

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11) I did the 700 mobs by the Shrine, and the Halisha should show up after 700 items, drop rate is 100%.

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When he shows up, kill him, he should be easy.

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If you go back to Alminas, which I don't think is necessary but may be, he'll send you back to the Wall of Argos to find another tablet.

12) That tablet sends you to Forsaken Plains.

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13) Talk to the tablet and then help Silver Feyshar kill the Unknown Stopper.

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Then talk to Silver, FAST, because he disappears quickly and if he does before the quest progresses you'll need to talk to the tablet and do the battle again.

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Then talk to the tablet.


14) Then go back to Ivory Tower to Arkenias. She will give you 5 million adena, Giant's Codex, and 2,299,404 exp and change your class to Mystic Muse.

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