Saga of the Sagittarius

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1. Your Quest starts in Hunters Village with Guild President Bernard, after a short conversation with him he wills end you over to the warehouse to meet Information Broker Grimst. Grimst will send you to the Hot Springs to meet with Lilly and Mist. Talk first with Lilly and then with Mist, Mist wants an Ice Crystal from you, which means at this point you either have done or still have to complete the Quest The Finest Ingredients - Part 1. Once you give the Ice Crystal to Mist he will give you Shaved Ice in return, bring the Shaved Ice back to Hunters Village to Grimst now you will finally receive the location of the first Tablet of Vision, port to the Town of Aden and run to the shown location using the West gate to commune with the tablet.

Sagaofthesagitarius1.jpg Sagaofthesagitarius2.jpg Sagaofthesagitarius3.jpg Sagaofthesagitarius4.jpg

Sagaofthesagitarius5.jpg Sagaofthesagitarius6.jpg Sagaofthesagitarius7.jpg Sagaofthesagitarius8.jpg

Sagaofthesagitarius9.jpg Sagaofthesagitarius10.jpg Sagaofthesagitarius11.jpg Sagaofthesagitarius12.jpg

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2. The next tablet is in the Valley of Saints. Once you arrived at the Tablet talk with it and you will get to know that the amulet you need is held by the Quest Monsters surrounding the tablet. Kill those Quest Moster till you get the amulet and then commune with the tablet.

Sagaofthesagitarius20.jpg Sagaofthesagitarius21.jpg Sagaofthesagitarius22.jpg

3. The next tablet is in the Wall of Argos you can port there from Goddard. Same game again talk with the tablet and kill the spawning Quest Monster to get the amulet to commune with the tablet.

Sagaofthesagitarius23.jpg Sagaofthesagitarius24.jpg Sagaofthesagitarius25.jpg

4. Now you will have to meet with the Pilgrim of Darkness outside the Town of Goddard. He want a Divine Stone of Wisdom from you. Hence at this point you either done or still have to do the Quests : Alliance with the Varka Silenos and Magical Power of Fire - Part 1 or Alliance with the Ketra Orcs and Magical Power of Water - Part 1 - Note you will need to get a level 2 alliance with either to do the Magical Power Quests). Give the Divine Stone to the Pilgrim, he will give you the amulet and the location of the tablet.

Sagaofthesagitarius26.jpg Sagaofthesagitarius27.jpg Sagaofthesagitarius28.jpg Sagaofthesagitarius29.jpg Sagaofthesagitarius30.jpg

5. This time you have to meet another Pilgrim of Darkness, this Pilgrim will send you to kill Archon of Halisha's Minions in the Shrine of Loyalty region of the Wall of Argos. The Archon will spawn after you kill 701 monsters. Kill the Archon to get the amulet you need and run to the tablet, which is luckily right around the corner.

Despite the rumors that you cannot, you can remain in party and receive buffs/healing while you kill the archon. If somehow you manage to fail this task, you lose 20 quest items and you simply have to acquire them again.

Sagaofthesagitarius31.jpg Sagaofthesagitarius32.jpg Sagaofthesagitarius33.jpg Sagaofthesagitarius34.jpg Sagaofthesagitarius35.jpg

5. Now you will have to journey to Rune Township and from the to the Forest of the Dead. Once you are at the tablet talk with the tablet. Help Winter Hunter Kadyth to scare off Azrael. Kadyth will give you the amulet to commune with the tablet.

Now its time to return to Bernard

Sagaofthesagitarius36.jpg Sagaofthesagitarius37.jpg Sagaofthesagitarius38.jpg Sagaofthesagitarius39.jpg Sagaofthesagitarius40.jpg Sagaofthesagitarius41.jpg

Congratz you are a Sagitarius !!!