Saga of the Shillien Saint

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Minimum Level: 76 Party: -
Start Location: Hardin's Academy Repeatable: No
Start NPC: Anastia Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Epilogue
Requirements: -
Rewards: 5 million adena, Giant's Codex, 2,299,404 exp

Pre-step  You can start preparing for this quest once you reach 73 and do the quests you will be asked while doing this one - then you don't need to spend extra time.

1 The quest starts at Hardin's Academy with Magister Anastia. She sends you to Goddard to meet Saint of Light Agnes.


2 Agnes is standing next to the Magic shop in the corner, surrounded by some followers. She sends you to visit Chef Duncan in Hot Springs and bring her some food.


3  Duncan is at the tents not far from port spot with some other NPC's. He asks you to bring him Ice Crystal from Jeremy - if you have done the The Finest Ingredients - Part 1 you will have it already so just talk to him again to proceed the quest. Duncan will give you some food and send you back to Agnes.


4  Agnes finally lets you start with the Tablets of Vision which will be the key part of this quest so prepare for a lot of running.


5  The first tablet is said to be near Tower of Insolence but it's actually easier to get there from Hunters Village porting Northern region of The Enchanted Valley and just running a little. If you took the ToI route you need to run lot more than it looks on the map because you cannot climb the mountains directly and have to take a detour.


6  This tablet sends you to find next one that is in Valley of Saints, just look at the yellow pin on your map. There are two spots with these quest mobs so make sure you follow your map - they vary from quest to quest so if you have done it for some other class you might think it's the same area. You need to kill them all to get the amulet needed, they are not aggro but highly social and outrunning them doesn't work too well - they followed me for a long time. You don't have to solo kill them as long as you get last hit. Once done, talk to the tablet and off you go to find next one.


7  This one is a bit tricky. So before talking to the tablet, buff up and have HP potions ready - you cannot use any outside help or the mob will disappear. It debuffs you and mousing over the debuff icon you'll see what you have to buff to lose it. The good news is that since the combo buffs were added it only seems to do one curse, the others probably just don't stack with the combos on. Before inquisitor transform the best way was to root the mob and then use a bow to kill it, now I rooted it and then transformed to inquisitor and it was very easy to nuke. And then the debuff doesn't matter since it's for accuracy and speed so doesn't affect your magic abilities. Once it's dead talk to the tablet and get sent to Goddard to speak with Kamilen in Dark Elf Guild.


8  Kamilen talks a lot but basically she asks you to choose side in the Varka/Ketra ally. If you already have done the quest and have level 2 alliance with either side then it doesn't matter what option you pick - she just asks you to bring her the Divine Stone of Wisdom. So if you already have that just talk to her again and go find the next tablet. If you haven't got the alliance you'll now have to complete 2 stages of Alliance with the Ketra Orcs or Alliance with the Varka Silenos and then Magical Power of Water - Part 1 (Ketra Alliance) or Magical Power of Fire - Part 1 (Varka Alliance).


9  Back at Kamilen you get sent to the most time-consuming part of this quest - killing 700 mobs in Shrine of Loyalty. Or if you have a good party available you can head directly to the Four Sepulchers to kill Archon of Halisha. If that's not the option then just kill 700 mobs and it will spawn from the 701st. You can do this in party, if you stay close to each other everyone's kills are counted, if there are more people in group doing the quest the items get divided though. Once you have 700 marks, buff up and make sure no one is hitting the mobs any more (or you can drop party to be on the safe side though it's not mandatory). Kill Archon of Halisha, it should be easy with inquisitor or even just smashing it melee with your weapon. The next tablet is pretty close to the place you are so just run back through the tunnel and turn right on the corner. There's sometimes a raid boss next to the tablet but he shouldn't bother you - just a good landmark. Talk to the tablet and you only have one more to go!


10  Port to Forsaken Plains from Aden and run to the end of the valley on the left side, the tablet is in the far end of it. When you talk to it a mob will spawn but you don't need to kill it (or well, it just doesn't die). Keep hitting it, no need to use any skills and after a while it disappears and a NPC pops up - now you have to be fast to talk to her or she vanishes. In case this happens, talk to the tablet again and repeat the actions. But if you get it right she will give you the last amulet so talk to the tablet and head back to Anastia at Hardin's Academy.


11  Talk to Anastia and get promoted to Shillien Saint. You also receive 4 Holy Pomanders to be used for learning skills from other healer classes - see Skill Transfer for details. You also get Giant's Codex, 5 mil adena and 2,299,404 experience. Congratulations!