Saga of the Soul Hound

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Minimum Level: 76 Party: -
Start Location: Kamael Village Repeatable: No
Start NPC: Kekropus Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Epilogue
Requirements: -
Rewards: 5 million adena, Giant's Codex and 2,299,404exp

by Animoria

1  Go to the Isle of Souls and meet with Hierach Kekropus.

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2  As we all enjoy the porting in this game, go to the Town of Goddard (not Goddard Castle, as it says wrongly on the quest screen) and seek out Warehouse Chief Mona. She is in the left corner of the warehouse (left from where you enter the warehouse). "Resonance Amulet" is just a different word for the "Sympathy Stone" Kekropus talked about.

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3  Now go to the Blacksmith workshop in Goddard which is just on the other side of the street from the warehouse. Head Blacksmith Noel of course sends you on a new task, which is getting an Ice Crystal for him from Chef Jeremy in the Hot Springs. For that you need to do The Finest Ingredients - Part 1

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Once you got your Ice Crystal go back to Noel and then back to Mona in the warehouse.

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Back at Mona you will receive your first Resonance Amulet and make your way to the 1st Tablet of Vision.

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4  Then go to the next Tablet in the Valley of Saints. When you talk with the Tablet it will tell you that you need the Amulet of the Guardians of Forbidden Knowledge. Kill the Angels around the Tablet until you get the Amulet.

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5  Off to Tablet number 3. Talk with it and it will tell you that someone nearby has the Amulet, examine the area and an angel will spawn kill it to get your amulet, now speak again with the Tablet.

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6  For the 4th Tablet travel to Rune and meet Head Blacksmith Lombert. He will send you to either ally with the Varka Silenos or the Ketra Orcs. Speak with Varka's Messenger Naran Ashanuk resp. Ketra's Messenger Wahkan and pick up the Alliance quest if you should not already have it. For your class change you must not only form an alliance but also strengthen it, i.e. bring in 200 Soldier Badges and 100 Captain Badges, so that you get a "Mark of Alliance Level 2". Then talk to Naran Ashanuk resp. Wahkan again and pick up "Magical Power of Fire (or Water, if you are allied with the Ketra) - Part 1". The Messengers send you to a Soul Guide, who in turn sends you into the enemy village to steal an amulet (bring a Thief Key). In exchange for that amulet the Sould Guide will give you a Divine Stone of Wisdom. Return to Rune and bring Head Blacksmith Lombert that stone. Now Lombert can repair the Resonance Amulet and you are all set to head for the 4th Tablet of Vision, which is marked on your map. ("Marufu" is a different spelling of "Maphr", the earth goddess worshipped by the Dwarves). Speak with the Tablet, insert the Amulet etc...

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7  And once again we are in search of the next Amulet. First we have to search in the Swamp of Screams for a Kamael brother-in-arms; if it's daytime just run to the Swamp from the 4th Tablet as you won't have any monsters in the Devil's Pass. The Kamael will tell you that Resonance Amulet number 5 is in the hands of the Archon of Halisha, a lvl 76 quest monster that is normally lurking in the Imperial Tomb. But when you attack the mobs listed below, who can all be found at the Shrine of Loyalty, on the northeast side of the Wall of Argos, the Archon will also appear (this might take some time). If you have chosen the Shrine of Loyalty as your killing ground, don't leave by Scroll of Escape after you have obtained the Resonance Amulet, as the 5th Tablet of Vision is right around the corner.

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8  The last Tablet you will find at the southern edge of the Forest of the Dead. Talk with it and 2 NPC's will spawn - an angel and the Kamael Katenar. Help Katenar to defeat the angel, then talk with him. Once you are done with this, return to the Isle of Souls to Hierach Kekropus.

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9  Back in the Kamael home town ...

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CONGRATULATIONS you are a Soul Hound!