Saga of the Soultaker

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Minimum Level: 76 Party: -
Start Location: Hardin's Private Academy Repeatable: No
Start NPC: Hardin Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Epilogue
Requirements: -
Rewards: 5 million adena, Giant's Codex, 2,586,527 exp

Pre-step Before turning 76, you can work on three quests which are required for the class change quest. As you will most likely be hunting the mobs for these quests while you make your way to 76, it only makes sense to do them ahead of time. It will make your life feel a ton easier when you hit 76 and wish to become a Grand Khavatari as soon as humanly as possible. These quests are:

1 Start out by visiting Hardin found inside the Hardins Private Academy.

St1.jpg St2.jpg St3.jpg St4.jpg St5.jpg St6.jpg

2 He hands you a Guild Report and then sends you off to visit High Priest Gregory found in the temple within the Town of Goddard.

St7.jpg St8.jpg


3 Gregory asks you to talk with Information Brokoer Bavarin found in the lower parts of Hot Springs.

St10.jpg St11.jpg St12.jpg

4 Bavarin requests an Ice Crystal. Complete The Finest Ingredients - Part 1 quest that was mentioned in the Pre-Step and then return to Bavarin with the Ice Crystal that Chef Jeremy provided. In Return, Bavarin hands you an Investigative Report.

Icecrystal.jpg St13.jpg St14.jpg

5 Give the report to Gregory and in return he gives you a Resonance Amulet - 1

St7.jpg St15.jpg St16.jpg St17.jpg Resonanceamulet1.jpg

6 Gregory then send you off to find a Tablet just outside of Tower of Insolence. I ported to the north of the The Enchanted Valley, it seemed to be a shorter run, but be free to choose your own way.

St18.jpg St19.jpg St20.jpg

7 This tablet takes the stone and then sends you over to a different tablet in Valley of Saints as shown on the map. Get over top of the mark and then jump down.

St21.jpg St22.jpg

8 Kill Guardians of Forbidden Knowledge until you obtain a Resonance Amulet - 2 and then speak with the tablet again. It will take the amulet from you and direct you to the next Tablet.

ForbiddenKnowledge.jpg Resonanceamulet2.jpg St23.jpg St24.jpg

9 The next Tablet is located within the Wall of Argos on the far East side as shown on the map.

St25.jpg St26.jpg St27.jpg

10 After talking to the Tablet, Archangel Iconoclasis will spawn. Get buffs and full heals ahead of trying to fight this guy as any outside help will cause him to disappear. If you start fighting him and can't handle it, the good news is that you can run away from it very very easily. He will disappear as well when you do this, but at least you're still alive.


11 Once Archangel Iconoclasis is defeated, you will obtain the Resonance Amulet - 3. Talk with the Tablet again who will take this amulet and gives you direction back to see High Priest Gregory located the temple within the Town of Goddard.

Resonanceamulet3.jpg St29.jpg St30.jpg

12 Skahi will ask you to choose a side. At this point, it does not really matter which one you choose, as long as you come back with the Divine Stone of Wisdom. First, you will need to have achieved level 2 in either the Alliance with the Ketra Orcs or Alliance with the Varka Silenos. After finishing this, you can then start on the quest that will get you the divine stone. If you Allied with Varka Silenos, you will need to complete the Magical Power of Fire - Part 1 quest. If you allied with the Ketra Alliance, you will need to complete the Magical Power of Water - Part 1 quest.

St7.jpg St31.jpg St32.jpg St33.jpg

13 Once you've obtain the Divine Stone of Wisdom, return to Skahi once again. He will give you the Resonance Amulet - 4.

DivineStoneofWisdom.jpg St34.jpg St35.jpg Resonanceamulet4.jpg

14 He will then send you off to the north side of Garden of Beasts to talk to another tablet as shown on the map. You should actually be able to just run there from where you are now. The tablet will take the Resonance Amulet - 4 and sends you back to see High Priest Gregory found in the Temple of the Town of Goddard.

St36.jpg St37.jpg St38.jpg

15 Gregory provides details on killing the 700 mobs

St7.jpg St39.jpg St40.jpg

16 The 700 mobs can be accessed two ways. One is going left from the port in, and one by going right at the port in. I like going right so I'll show you how to get in that way. Make your way north and turn into the second laneway, but then make a sharp left at the fork in the road. You'll come to a big tunnel. On the other side of this tunnel, you'll find all the mobs that are required to kill. If you are in a party, every mob killed by another teammate will count towards your 700 mobs. However, if two people in the group need the marks, only one will be distributed at a time.


Any of the following mobs will count towards the 700 mob requirement.


For every mob you kill, you will receive a Halisha's Mark. Halishasmark.jpg

17 Once you reach 700 marks, the next mob that gets killed will spawn Archon of Halisha. There are rumors that you need to be out of party when Archon of Halisha is being killed in order for it to work. This has been tested and is not true. The real deal is that only one person at a time can obtain the rewards for killing Archon of Halisha regardless of whether said person is in a party or not.


18 After Archon of Halisha is defeated, you will obtain the Resonance Amulet - 5. Take this amulet over to the Tablet found within Wall of Argos. The tablet is found as shown in the map. Just make your way back through the tunnel where you came from and keep going until you are on the main path once again. Then keep going back as if you were heading to the port in and you will find that first road once again to turn into. This is where the Tablet is hanging out.

Resonanceamulet5.jpg Woatablet1.jpg St41.jpg St42.jpg

19 The tablet takes the Resonance Amulet - 5 and directs you to the last tablet which is found in the Forest of the Dead as shown on the map. It will be found in place known as both Vampire Circle and the Big Rock (as shown on the map)

St43.jpg St44.jpg St45.jpg

20 After talking with the tablet, Lich King Icarus and Hindemith Truevoice appear. Start killing Lich King Icarus (without using skills) and after a bit it will disappear. Then talk to Hindemith Truevoice in order to obtain the Resonance Amulet - 6.

St46.jpg St47.jpg St48.jpg Resonanceamulet6.jpg

21 Talk with the tablet again. It will take the Resonance Amulet - 6 and instruct you to go back again where you started the quest, talking to Hardin found inside Hardins Private Academy.

St49.jpg St50.jpg

22 Talk with Hardin to become a Soultaker! Congratz!

St1.jpg St51.jpg St52.jpg St53.jpg