Saga of the Spectral Dancer

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Minimum Level: 76 Party: Party/Solo
Start Location: Hardin's Private Academy Repeatable: -
Start NPC: Mordred Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Epilogue
Requirements: -
Rewards: 5 million adena, 2 299 404 exp, Giants Codex

Pre-step Before turning 76, you can work on three quests which are required for the class change quest. As you will most likely be hunting the mobs for these quests while you make your way to 76, it only makes sense to do them ahead of time. It will make your life feel a ton easier when you hit 76 and wish to become a Grand Khavatari as soon as humanly (errr.. elfishly) as possible. These quests are:

1 The quest starts in Hardin's Private Academy, talk to dark knight Mordred and he tells you to go meet spellbook seller Elena in Goddard.

SD01.jpg SD02.jpg

2 Elena is right by the door in Einhasad temple. Talk to her and she sends you to Bavarin in Hot Springs to fetch a dictionary.


3 Bavarin is bathing in one of those pools in the middle of HS. He asks you to bring him ice crystal from Jeremy - it means you have to take the Finest Ingredients p.1 quest from Chef Jeremy (he is near the tents a bit uphill from the teleport location). Since it's lv 73 quest I had it done already earlier and I just talked to Bavarin again to give him the crystal. He trades it for the dictionary and sends you back to Elena. She tells you to go to TOI area for the Tablet of Vision and gives you Resonance Amulet to talk to it.

SD04.jpg SD05.jpg

4 Teleport to Aden and from there to Tower of Insolence. Run around the tower on the right side and up the hills that are back there, the tablet is close to a raid group. Talk to the tablet and it tells you to go to Valley of Saints for the next one.


5 The next tablet is in the middle of a bunch of quest mobs that look like the angels in WoA. They are not aggro but social watch out not to pull all if you are alone. The last angel gives you the resonance amulet and now you can talk to the tablet. And of course sends you off to the next one...


6 Now you have to go to Ketra Outpost area and this is the hardest of them. The tablet spawns a mob (white at 76) and it gives you debuffs which can be removed with dances - mouse over the debuff icon to see what dance you have to do. It hits pretty hard so get some HP potions and buffs. You cannot use any help while doing this. When the mob is dead talk to the tablet again.


7 The tablet sends you back to Elena again and now she says she needs a Divine Stone of Wisdom. This is the item you get from doing a quest from the Ketra/varka mobs (depending what side you chose to ally with). If you have it done already just choose the side you were allied with from the chat abd you can proceed. If not then go to Varka stronghold or Ketra outpost, take the quest from the messenger NPC at port spot and get your alliance to lv 2, then take Magic of Fire/Water (again depending on the side you chose) and this gives you the stone. So, once you have the stone you can talk to Elena again and she will send you to the next tablet. I was allied with Varkas so mine was in Varka barracks. This one only needs talking to and then back to Elena once more...

SD09.jpg SD10.jpg

8 And now the fun begins - you need to kill 700 mobs in Shrine of Loyalty area unless you want to go directly to the quest mob into Four Sepulchers. The drop rate is 100% and you can do it in party so it's pretty fast. The 701 one you kill spawns the quest mob, that one is easy to get rid of. Now straight to the next tablet just around the corner and then to the last one in Forest of the Dead.

SD11.jpg SD12.jpg

9 The last tablet is near the prt spot in FoD, talk to it and another quest mob spawns. It's easy to kill, when it's dead talk to the guy who has popped up next to the tablet. He gives you the last amulet, talk to the tablet and you're done! Now only last trip back to Hardin's to Mordred.

SD13.jpg SD14.jpg

10 Talk to Mordred, he will keep it short and reward you with 5 mil adena, Giant's Codex to enchant your skills and 2 299 404 exp points. Congratulations - you are now a Spectral Dancer!