Saga of the Sword Muse

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Minimum Level: 76 Party: -
Start Location: Aden Repeatable: No
Start NPC: Raien Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Epilogue
Requirements: -
Rewards: 5 million adena, Giant's Codex, 2,586,527 exp

Pre-step Before turning 76, you can work on three quests which are required for the class change quest. As you will most likely be hunting the mobs for these quests while you make your way to 76, it only makes sense to do them ahead of time. It will make your life feel a ton easier when you hit 76 and wish to become a Sword Muse as soon as humanly(err.. elfishly) as possible. These quests are:

1 Start out by visiting Master Raien on the Warrior Guild at Aden. She will tell you to visit Blacksmith Feynn at Goddard and will also give you a book that tells of the fall of a Swordsinger called “Criticism of Biel’s Song”.

Smuse1.jpg Smuse2.jpg Smuse3.jpg Smuse4.jpg

2 Blacksmith Feynn is at Goddard and apparently he has everything (What about wearing a shirt then?). He asks for a Bitter Cold Beer, since you offered to sing and dwarves never listen to music sober. He sends you to Chef Donath in the Hot Springs Area.

Smuse5.jpg Smuse6.jpg Smuse7.jpg Smuse8.jpg

3 Chef Donath will ask you to bring the ingredients for the beer. To get the Ice Crystal, do the The Finest Ingredients - Part 1 . Then prepare yourself to go fishing, he wants a fat, white fish. He just can’t make Bitter Cold Beer Without it. To get the fish, your fishing skill must be level 23. Once you have the ingredients, get the beer with Chef Donath.

Smuse9.jpg Smuse10.jpg Smuse11.jpg Smuse12.jpg Smuse13.jpg Smuse14.jpg Smuse15.jpg Smuse16.jpg Smuse17.jpg

4  Back to Blacksmith Feynn, he will first get drunk, listen to your song and tell you a dream he had about a lady. Then he explains why all the rudeness (but still, no shirt). He will give you the Resonance Amulet – 1 and will also tell you where to find the first Tablet of Vision – In the south part of the Tower of Insolence.

Smuse18.jpg Smuse19.jpg Smuse20.jpg

5 Instead of going to Tower of Insolence, I ported to the north of the Enchanted Valley, it seemed to be a shorter run, but be free to choose your own way. Speak to the tablet (commune!), it will take the amulet and send you to the next tablet – beside the western wall in the Valley of Saints.

Smuse21.jpg Smuse22.jpg Smuse23.jpg Smuse24.jpg

6 Don’t go unbuffed on this part. You’ll have to kill the Guardians of Forbidden Knowledge until you get the Resonance Amulet – 2. Once you hit the first, they will agro, and can also be a little tough. After getting the item, speak with the Tablet of Vision, it will take the Amulet and send you to the next tablet – near Pilgrims Temple.

Smuse25.jpg Smuse26.jpg Smuse27.jpg

7 Speak with the tablet and the Sword Player Biel will appear, kill him. (Use your songs as he casts debuffs on you). Once he is finished, you’ll get Resonance Amulet – 3. Speak with the tablet again, it will tell you to go see Beast Herder Tunatun in the Beast Farm.

Smuse28.jpg Smuse29.jpg Smuse30.jpg Smuse31.jpg Smuse32.jpg Smuse33.jpg

8 This is where you’ll need to do the other quests as written on the pre-step. Either Alliance with the Ketra Orcs OR Alliance with the Varka Silenos and Magical Power of Water - Part 1 (Ketra Alliance) OR Magical Power of Fire - Part 1 (Varka Alliance)

Smuse34.jpg Smuse35.jpg Smuse36.jpg Smuse37.jpg Smuse38.jpg

9 Beast Herder Tunatun can’t give you the Resonance Amulet unless you trade him something of equal value, the Divine Stone of Wisdom. Once you have the stone, he will get it and tells you to speak with another tablet – near Varka Silenos Outpost and Monastery of Silence – while he studies the Stone. You will receive the Resonance Amulet – 4.

Smuse39.jpg Smuse40.jpg

10 Speak with the tablet and it will take the Resonance Amulet – 4. It will also send you to Priest Cerenas, Elven Tetrarch in the Town of Goddard.

Smuse41.jpg Smuse42.jpg Smuse43.jpg

11 Priest Cerenas says you are truly a pilgrim, and this is the part where I almost ripped of my keyboard keys in dispair. He will tell you to collect 700 Halisha's Marks and slaughter the Archon of Halisha once he appears. My advice to you is: get a nuker / archer friend (with recharger) to help you out.

Smuse44.jpg Smuse45.jpg Smuse46.jpg

12 Head to the Shrine of Loyalty and hunt Grave Scarabs, Scavenger Scarabs, Grave Ants, Scavenger Ants, Shrine Knights and Shrine Guards. When you have 700 marks, rebuff and be ready to kill Archon of Halisha. It shouldn't be any problem and you don't need to leave party, just make sure you are the one killing the 701st mob and if there are more people in group doing the quest only one can kill and get item from Halisha. So some guides suggest you should leave group but it's not needed. Once he is dead, he will give you Resonance Amulet – 5.

700mobs.jpg Halishasmark.jpg Halisha.jpg Resonanceamulet5.jpg

13 The next tablet is in the area you are in, speak with it and it takes the amulet. It will also send you to the sixth Tablet of Vision, south of Hunters Village. Smuse47.jpg Smuse48.jpg Smuse49.jpg

14 Speak with the tablet and Moon Voice Irene will appear and ask your help to kill the Fallen Angel Narcissus. Once the monster is dead, speak to Moon Voice Irene. She will give you Resonance Amulet – 6. Speak with the Tablet of Vision again, it will take the Amulet and send you all the way back to Master Raien at Aden.

Smuse50.jpg Smuse51.jpg Smuse52.jpg Smuse53.jpg Smuse54.jpg Smuse55.jpg Smuse56.jpg Smuse57.jpg

15 Speak with Master Raien and become a Sword Muse. Gratz! Smuse58.jpg