Seal Removal

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by Elmar

1) At the end of Nikola's Cooperation - Consideration or Art of Persuasion, whatever you have chosen after Relic Exploration, you got "Loraine's Certificate". If you want to do this quest and its sequel, Vain Conclusion, you must destroy this quest item by dragging it with your mouse cursor to the trash can in the lower right corner of your Inventory screen.

Sealremoval1.jpg Sealremoval2.jpg Sealremoval3.jpg

2) Then, when you are level 41, talk to Researcher Lorain again.

Sealremoval4.jpg Sealremoval5.jpg

3) Lorain has tried to reconstruct the broken recording device you brought back from the Cruma Tower, but without success. Therefore she sends you to Maestro Nikola who might know what to do.

Sealremoval6.jpg Sealremoval7.jpg Sealremoval8.jpg

4) Nikola is still at his old position, somewhat southwest of Lorain.

Sealremoval9.jpg Sealremoval10.jpg

5) Maestro Nikola also sees himself unable to repair the Metallograph, but Locksmith Dorothy in the Town of Heine, far to the south, might be able to help. Go see her.

Sealremoval11.jpg Sealremoval12.jpg Sealremoval13.jpg Sealremoval14.jpg

6) Locksmith Dorothy is standing on a platform near the water in the southeastern part of Heine.

Sealremoval15.jpg Sealremoval16.jpg

7) Dorothy accepts the challenge and gives you 98,583 adena for your trouble. If you are between level 41 and 46 you will also get 285,935 exp and 18,711 SP.

Sealremoval17.jpg Sealremoval18.jpg Sealremoval19.jpg Sealremoval20.jpg

When you are level 42 you can come back to Dorothy and pick up from her the final quest in this series - Vain Conclusion.