Secret Buried in the Swamp

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Minimum Level: 65 Party: .
Start Location: Swamp of Screams Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Abercrombie Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: 120,000 adena, 490,000 exp and 45,880

This quest used to be very difficult, because the mobs in the area were agro, social and tended to bring their friends. Since Gracia Final they have been made mostly non-agro, which makes this quest much easier.

1 Start at the Swamp of Screams port in location from Rune with Mercenary Supplier Abercrombie. He asks you to find Krorin who got lost in the swamp somewhere.

Secretburiedintheswamp1.jpg Secretburiedintheswamp2.jpg Secretburiedintheswamp3.jpg

2 The NPC you are looking for, on the push pin on the map, is not called Krorin but Corpse of Dwarf. Get the journal then go back to Abercrombie.

Secretburiedintheswamp4.jpg Secretburiedintheswamp5.jpg Secretburiedintheswamp6.jpg Secretburiedintheswamp7.jpg

3 Abercrombie sends you to find 4 monuments.

Secretburiedintheswamp8.jpg Secretburiedintheswamp9.jpg

4 The first one is mostly hidden under the Swamp Fortress icon on the map but you can target Forgotten Monument because they are all called that. This one is in one of the stakato pools so just look for those.

Although the mobs in the area are non-agro, I had some agro on me when I entered the pool. You can try to avoid them or kill them.

Secretburiedintheswamp10.jpg Secretburiedintheswamp11.jpg Secretburiedintheswamp12.jpg

5 The next one is also in a stakato pool.

Secretburiedintheswamp13.jpg Secretburiedintheswamp14.jpg Secretburiedintheswamp15.jpg

6 The third one is out in the open. It should be completely safe to reach this one.

Secretburiedintheswamp16.jpg Secretburiedintheswamp17.jpg Secretburiedintheswamp18.jpg

7 And the last one is in a pool.

Secretburiedintheswamp19.jpg Secretburiedintheswamp20.jpg

8 Then go back to Abercrombie. He rewards you with 120,000 adena, 490,000 exp and 45,880 sp. This is the CT2 Gracia version, same for Gracia Final. Previous versions gave around 40k adena and 130k exp and no sp.

Secretburiedintheswamp21.jpg Secretburiedintheswamp22.jpg