Secret Meeting with Ketra Orcs

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Minimum Level: 74 Party: -
Start Location: Town of Goddard Repeatable: No
Start NPC: Cadmon Updated to: Unknown
Rewards: 82,045 exp and 6047 SP

1 The quest starts at Goddard northern gate. Talk to guard Cadmon and pick Secret meeting with Ketra Orcs from the list. He asks if you are interested in the Ketra Orcs and if you admit that you are he gives you a small task - you have to meet Leon in weapons shop to pick up a delivery.

Meeting01.jpg Meeting02ket.jpg Meeting03ket.jpg

2 Leon gives you a box of munitions and tells you to take it to messenger Wahkan at Ketra camp. You can either run there (it's really close) or go back to town and teleport to Ketra outpost - the messenger is standing right next to the camp gate.

Meeting04ket.jpg Meeting05ket.jpg

3 Wahkan takes the box and tries to recruit you to fight for them - which you might have to do when you pick this side in the alliance quest for your 3rd class. Don't have to choose anything at this point though and the quest ends here with 82,045 exp and 6047 SP. You can do the other quest Cadmon had and deliver a box to Varka Silenos as well, these 2 quests don't conflict with each other unlike the alliance one.