Seeds of Chaos

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Minimum Level: 75 Party: -
Start Location: Kamael Village Repeatable: no
Start NPC: Kekropus Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Epilogue
Rewards: Scroll: Enchant Weapon (A) and ability to subclass

Pre-Step Complete the Fate's Whisper Quest in order to obtain the Star of Destiny.


1 Visit Hierarch Kekropus in the Kamael Guild of Kamael Village. Show him your Star of Destiny.

Kekropus1.jpg Soc1.jpg Soc2.jpg Soc3.jpg

2 Kekropus sends you to the port in at Forest of the Dead to visit the Mysterious Wizard.

Soc4.jpg Soc5.jpg Soc6.jpg Soc7.jpg Soc8.jpg

3 The Mysterious Wizard asks you to obtain the Black Echo Crystal by hunting Needle Stakato Drone in the Swamp of Screams.

Needlestakatodrone1.jpg Soc9.jpg Soc10.jpg

4 Once you have obtained the quest item, return to the Mysterious Wizard.

Soc11.jpg Soc12.jpg Soc13.jpg Soc14.jpg

5 The Mysterious Wizard then triggers npc Katenar to spawn right nearby. Speak to him.

Soc15.jpg Soc16.jpg Soc17.jpg Soc18.jpg Soc19.jpg Soc20.jpg Soc21.jpg Soc22.jpg Soc23.jpg Soc24.jpg

6 Katenar sends you to find a rock in Valley of the Saints. Use the map to locate the area and then jump down to find The Rock.

Soc25.jpg Soc26.jpg

7 when you speak to The Rock, he triggers NPC Harkilgamed to spawn.

Soc27.jpg Soc28.jpg Soc29.jpg Soc30.jpg Soc31.jpg Soc32.jpg Soc33.jpg Soc34.jpg

8 Harkilgamed asks you to collect 62 Shining Medallions from the Fang of Splendor, Judge of Spledor and Wailing Splendor. For the life of me, I couldn't get the Judges to give me an item, but perhaps you'll have better luck. They can be found at the far back end of Valley of Saints.

Fangofsplendor1.jpg Judgeofsplendor1.jpg Wailingsplendor1.jpg Soc35.jpg Soc36.jpg

9 Once you've collected all of the items, go back to see Harkilgamed. You have to talk to The Rock again to get him to spawn as Harkilgamed went into hiding within it.

Soc25.jpg Soc27.jpg Soc37.jpg Soc38.jpg Soc39.jpg Soc40.jpg Soc41.jpg Soc42.jpg Soc43.jpg Soc44.jpg Soc45.jpg Soc46.jpg Soc47.jpg Soc48.jpg

10 Harkilgamedthen sends you back to visit Hierarch Kekropus in the Kamael Guild of Kamael Village.


Soc49.jpg Soc50.jpg Soc51.jpg Soc52.jpg Soc53.jpg Soc54.jpg Soc55.jpg Soc56.jpg Soc57.jpg

11 Kekropus will then send you to visit Rodenpicula of Soul Harbor. To get to her, speak first to Vice Hierarch Mao when you get to Soul Harbor.

Soc58.jpg Soc59.jpg Soc60.jpg Soc62.jpg Soc63.jpg Soc64.jpg Soc65.jpg Soc66.jpg Soc67.jpg Soc68.jpg Soc69.jpg Soc70.jpg Soc71.jpg Soc72.jpg Soc73.jpg

12 Rodenpicula sends you to next to talk to Mother Nornil, the nearby statue.

Soc74.jpg Soc75.jpg Soc76.jpg Soc77.jpg Soc78.jpg

13 Mother Nornil sends you back to obtain Rodenpicula's approval.

Soc79.jpg Soc80.jpg

14 Rodenpicula gives her approval. Back to Mother Nornil you go.

Soc81.jpg Soc82.jpg Soc83.jpg

15 Mother Nornil will then send you back to Rodenpicula, one last time.

Soc85.jpg Soc86.jpg Soc87.jpg Soc88.jpg Soc89.jpg Soc90.jpg

16 Rodenpicula rewards you with an Scroll: Enchant Weapon (A) and the ability to subclass. Congratz! Go to any Kamael Guild to complete your subclass. Soc91.jpg Soc92.jpg