Seize Your Destiny

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Minimum Level: 85 Party: -
Start Location: Talking Island Village Repeatable: -
Start NPC: Cellphine Updated to: Goddess of Destruction - Harmony
Requirements: Completed 3rd class transfer
Rewards: Scroll of Afterlife (addidional rewards after completing the Awakening process)

When you reach lvl 85, you will receieve on-screen message about Giants' Call - accepting it will take you through a 10-minute program of cutscenes showing all kinds of bad things happening to the old areas. Even though you will be "ported" to Dwarf and Dark Elf villages, you actually stay in the same place so once the video is done you can get buffs and start the quest itself. I haven't tested out yet if you can go straight to the starter NPC and skip the cutscenes (if you reject the on-screen message, you need to relog to get it again). Update: when you go to Talking Island right away and ignore the video show, you will just get a small one telling you where Pantheon is.

After you have finished the videos, you will get another little pop-up saying where to go.

Awakening 005.jpg

1  The quest begins with Cellphine at the Museum on Talking Island - you can port in the Museum by talking to Pantheon in the starter zone.

Awakening 01.jpg

Awakening 02.jpg

2  He sends you to the Ye Sagira ruins to talk to Hadel. She can be found in the Exploration Zone 1. If you agree to help Hermuncus, she will take you to the Disconnected Labyrinth.

Awakening 03.jpg Awakening 04.jpg Awakening 05.jpg Awakening 06.jpg Awakening 07.jpg

3  You will be moved to a room with a circle in the center of the room and 8 characters representing each Awakened class. Wait until first of them steps in the circle and then start fighting. If you try to pull them one by one, they will all aggro, same happens if you attack them before they have stepped out. Once one is killed, the next will step up and so on. They don't seem to have any particular skills to use on you (even though they are all different class) and they are quite easy to kill (I had mentor buffs and did some dances as I was on BD). When all are dead you will see 3 little vortexes spawn, go near them and get buffs and move to the next room.

Awakening 08.jpg

Awakening 09.jpg

4 In the room you will face an opponent of your own Awakened class - on BD I had Iss Enchanter Seknus to kill. When you fight him you get little glowing icons pop up on your screen every now and then - if you click them you get to use an Awakened skill. Be quick though, the icon only lasts for 5 seconds or so. Once you've killed the first mob, there will be 3 more. When those are dead, the last wave will be 10 of them. You need to stay in the middle of the room (same kind of circle as in the first part), you should get a Maximum Protection Buff there which lasts 1 min and is cast 3 times so you should have all the enemies killed by then. With my mentor buffs and dances I didn't really notice any extra buff so I can't say if it works as a passive skill or maybe doesn't stack with the buffs I already had. The mobs are not hard to kill and they don't do that much damage so it looks worse than it is - again maybe it's different for squishier classes or with different buff set. When all of them are dead, a stronger opponent appears and you need to kill that one too before you can move on. You will have the new skill icons pop up on screen so click on them to use those skills.

Awakening 10.jpg

5 In the last room you will encounter Harnak's Wraith. Start attacking and when his HP drops below 50%, he will call for help and 2 unsealing devices will appear. You need to click on both and click "Remove the seal". The mob casts a skill on you that makes you hang in the air immobile for a few seconds so don't be surprised. When you remove the first seal, a countdown starts and you have 60 seconds to remove the other. Once it's done, the mob will disappear.

Awakening 11.jpg

5 Talk to The Last Giant Hermuncus who is floating a bit above the stairs in the back of the room. He will reward you with the Scroll of Afterlife and you will be moved to the Reliquary of the Giants to complete your Awakening.

Awakening 12.jpg