Seven Signs Part 1, Series of Doubt

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Minimum Level: 79 Party: -
Start Location: Oren Repeatable: No
Start NPC: Croop Updated to: Goddess of Destruction
Requirements: -
Rewards: 25 000 000 exp, 2 500 000 SP

  • After the mentoring system was added, you can use the mentor buffs throughout the whole quest, including the transformed tasks and sneaking in the underground temple - so that should make it a little easier.

1 The quest starts at Oren warehouse with Croop. He is worried about his cousin who has not returned with a contract. He says dwarven contractors have been killed lately and he has no idea by whom.

7signs1 01.jpg 7signs1 02.jpg 7signs1 03.jpg

2 You get a cutscene about a dwarf being killed and when you talk to Croop again, he tells you to go talk to guard Hector at the Northern gate.

7signs1 04.jpg 7signs1 05.jpg 7signs1 06.jpg 7signs1 07.jpg

3 Hector suggests you stay out of trouble but once he hears that you've got a letter from Croop he changes his mind and tells you to go talk to Stan at the Southern gate.

7signs1 08.jpg 7signs1 09.jpg 7signs1 10.jpg 7signs1 11.jpg

4 Stan tries to evade the talk but eventually tells you that the strange thing happened near Oren castle. The yellow pin on the map can be a bit misleading, you can easily run around the castle to the right spot.

7signs1 12.jpg 7signs1 13.jpg 7signs1 14.jpg 7signs1 15.jpg 7signs1 16.jpg

5 You find a corpse that looks rather stinky but you still need to investigate it more closely to find a necklace that seems to be Jacob's. So you take it and return to Croop.

7signs1 17.jpg 7signs1 18.jpg

6 Tell Croop that Jacob is dead, he wants proof so give him the necklace. He asks you for one more favour and sends you to talk to high priest Hollint in the Einhasad Temple for a memorial service. He also says you will get your reward there.

7signs1 19.jpg 7signs1 20.jpg 7signs1 21.jpg 7signs1 22.jpg 7signs1 23.jpg 7signs1 24.jpg

7 Hollint has a list of quests, the ones you need are in the bottom (you get the next part from him as well after finishing this one). He promises to arrange the memorial service and gives you the reward set aside by Croop. You get 25 000 000 exp and 2 500 000 SP (this was significantly higher before the part 4 High Five update).

7signs1 25.jpg 7signs1 26.jpg 7signs1 27.jpg 7signs1 28.jpg

You can talk to him again to pick up the next part in the sequence - Seven Signs Part 2, Dying Message