Seven Signs Part 10, To the Monastery of Silence

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Minimum Level: 81 Party: -
Start Location: Beast Farm Repeatable: no
Start NPC: Elcadia Updated to: Goddess of Destruction
Requirements: Seven Signs Part 9, Forbidden Book of the Elmore-Aden Kingdom
Rewards: 25,000,000 Exp, 2,500,000 SP

1 Start off by talking to Elcadia. If you just finished the previous quest in the series, you should still be standing right by her. If not, you can get to her by visiting the Gruff-looking Man found in the beast farm.

Tomonasteryofsilence1.jpg Tomonasteryofsilence2.jpg Tomonasteryofsilence3.jpg

2 Go to the large library found in the Monastery of Silence and talk to the Odd Globe to teleport into a room. To get there, you can disarm your weapon to avoid mobs attacking you.

Tomonasteryofsilence35.jpg Tomonasteryofsilence4.jpg

3 In the room, you will find Director Eris's Evil Thoughts. Talk to her.

Tomonasteryofsilence5.jpg Tomonasteryofsilence6.jpg Tomonasteryofsilence7.jpg Tomonasteryofsilence8.jpg Tomonasteryofsilence9.jpg Tomonasteryofsilence10.jpg Tomonasteryofsilence11.jpg Tomonasteryofsilence12.jpg

4 She will send you off to an area where there are 4 rooms and where a Relic Guardian stands in the middle. Talk to him.

Tomonasteryofsilence14.jpg Tomonasteryofsilence15.jpg Tomonasteryofsilence16.jpg Tomonasteryofsilence17.jpg Tomonasteryofsilence17b.jpg

5 After talking to him, you will want to go into each one of the 4 rooms. The rooms have a teleportation device (color co-ordinated to make it easy).


6 Once you port in, you will find a Relic Watcher standing over the teleportation that will take you back to the area you just left. Talk to him. He tells you that you must find the right book from the four Reading Desks found around him.


7 Talk to the Reading Desk in each of the four rooms until you find the correct book.


If you have the wrong book,

the desk will say: and Elcadia will say:
Tomonasteryofsilence23.jpg Tomonasteryofsilence24.jpg

If you have the correct book,

the desk will say: and Elcadia will say:
Tomonasteryofsilence21.jpg Tomonasteryofsilence22.jpg

7 When you get the correct book. Talk to the Relic Watcher again to leave. He will make you answer a test before he lets you do so though. See the answers after Step 9


8 If you answer the question incorrectly, the watcher will say: Tomonasteryofsilence29.jpg

If you answer correctly, you will be escorted out.

9 Once teleported out, go over to the next Teleportation device where you will go through steps 6-8 all over again. This should be done a total of four times.


Tomonasteryofsilence26.jpg Tomonasteryofsilence27.jpg Tomonasteryofsilence28.jpg Tomonasteryofsilence31.jpg
Monastery of Silence Frintezza Silence Frintezza

10 After you've gathered all the correct books and answered all the right questions, return to the Relic Guardian to leave.

Tomonasteryofsilence32.jpg Tomonasteryofsilence33.jpg

11 You will be sent back to Director Eris's Evil Thoughts. Talk to her and you will receive 25,000,000 Exp and 2,500,000 SP.

Tomonasteryofsilence34.jpg Tomonasteryofsilence36.jpg Tomonasteryofsilence37.jpg Tomonasteryofsilence38.jpg

Proceed to the next quest in the series: Seven Signs Part 11, Solina's Tomb