Seven Signs Part 11, Solina's Tomb

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Minimum Level: 81 Party: -
Start Location: Beast Farm Repeatable: no
Start NPC: Eris's Evil Thoughts Updated to: Goddess of Destruction
Requirements: Seven Signs Part 10, To the Monastery of Silence
Rewards: 44,000,000 Exp, 12,500,000 SP

1 Start off by talking to Eris's Evil Thoughts. If you just finished the previous quest in the series, you should still be standing right by her. If not, go to the large library found in the Monastery of Silence and talk to the Odd Globe to teleport into a room. To get there, you can disarm your weapon to avoid mobs attacking you.

Tomonasteryofsilence6.jpg Solinastomb1.jpg Solinastomb2.jpg Solinastomb3.jpg Solinastomb4.jpg Solinastomb5.jpg

2 You will be directed into an area which has 12 inner rooms. I will name 4 of them as "Relic Rooms" as we need to first pick up a relic from each of them. Another 4 I will name as "Device Rooms". And the last set of 4 are the "Guardian Rooms". See the map below for locations of each.


3 Before we do anything, note that Elcadia will buff and heal you. How nice! Just talk to her to activate.

4 I found it easiest to go to all four relic rooms first. We are going to pick up an item from each. The rooms have mobs all around and an Altar of Hallows in the middle. This altar will give the item we wish to pick up. Kill the mobs and talk to it.

Solinastomb11.jpg Solinastomb12.jpg Solinastomb13.jpg

Solinastomb15.jpg Solinastomb16.jpg Solinastomb17.jpg Solinastomb18.jpg

5 Next we go to the device rooms. This room, also surrounded by mobs, has a Powerful Device in the middle which we will want to disactivate using the relics gathered from the previous rooms. Kill the mobs and talk to it.

Solinastomb7.jpg Solinastomb8.jpg Solinastomb9.jpg

If you didn't get the correct relic first, the device will say:


6 Once each device from the four rooms are shut down, you can kill the guardians found in the rooms attached to them.


7 Once all the guardians are killed, go to the Teleport Control Device found in the center of the area.


8 If you go to Saintess's Room, you will find the Tomb of the Saintess. Talk to it.

Solinastomb21.jpg Solinastomb22.jpg Solinastomb23.jpg

9 Gates will open up and mobs will come out from all four corners. Note, until the Guardian of the Tomb is killed, the Trainee of Rests will resurect after being killed.

Solinastomb24.jpg Solinastomb25.jpg

10 Once all the mobs are killed, talk to the Tomb of the Saintess again.


11 An area opens up where a Teleport Control Device stands. Use it.


12 You will go to another area where Solina's casket really is. Talk to Solina's Evil Thoughts.

Solinastomb28.jpg Solinastomb29.jpg Solinastomb30.jpg Solinastomb31.jpg Solinastomb32.jpg Solinastomb33.jpg Solinastomb34.jpg Solinastomb35.jpg Solinastomb36.jpg Solinastomb37.jpg Solinastomb38.jpg

13  Solina's Evil Thoughts will take you back to Eris's Evil Thoughts. Talk to her once again and you will receive 44,000,000 Exp, 12,500,000 SP. The rewards were higher before GoD update.



Old rewards:


Proceed to the next quest in the series: Seven Signs Part 12, One Who Seeks the Power of the Seal