Seven Signs Part 12, One Who Seeks the Power of the Seal

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Minimum Level: 81 Party: -
Start Location: Beast Farm Repeatable: no
Start NPC: Eris's Evil Thoughts Updated to: Goddess of Destruction
Requirements: Seven Signs Part 11, Solina's Tomb
Rewards: 70,000,000 Exp, 12,500,000 SP

1 Start off by talking to Eris's Evil Thoughts. If you just finished the previous quest in the series, you should still be standing right by her. If not, go to the large library found in the Monastery of Silence and talk to the Odd Globe to teleport into a room. To get there, you can disarm your weapon to avoid mobs attacking you.

Seeksthepower1.jpg Seeksthepower2.jpg Seeksthepower3.jpg Seeksthepower4.jpg

2 You will be directed to an area where you are standing on an elevated invisible platform up in the purple night sky. There will be one lone mob to kill but he's not difficult.


3 Once killed, talk to Elcadia. NB: People doing the quest after GoD update have reported that Elcadia only ports you out of the instance and then you have to run back to the gruff man at beast farm to get back to her and finish the dialogue.

Seeksthepower10.jpg Seeksthepower11.jpg Seeksthepower12.jpg Seeksthepower13.jpg

4 You will be sent outside of the main library in Monastery of Silence and told to go visit Hardin found in Hardin's Private Academy. In GoD apparently you will be returned outside Elcadia's cabin in beast farm.

Girlofdoubt29.jpg Girlofdoubt30.jpg

Seeksthepower14.jpg Seeksthepower15.jpg Seeksthepower16.jpg

5 Go talk to Priest Wood now in Aden's temple.

Wood.jpg Girlofdoubt1.jpg Seeksthepower17.jpg Seeksthepower18.jpg Seeksthepower19.jpg

6 He sends you to a room where Witness of Dawn Franz can be found. Talk to him and you will receive 70,000,000 Exp and 12,500,000 SP, along with a Certificate of Dawn. The XP reward was bigger before GoD update but as the amount needed to level up has been decreased, it should still be quite decent percentage. I started at lvl 81 and finished off at 82 so it might be a bit different if you do all at 81, but for me it was ca 25% altogether at the end of this quest.

Seeksthepower20.jpg Seeksthepower21.jpg Seeksthepower22.jpg Seeksthepower23.jpg 7signs12new.jpg

Old reward:


7 Talk to Franz in order leave the area an return to where Wood was standing. You can then talk to Wood again to exchange the Certificate of Dawn for a Forgotten Scroll. These scrolls were used to learn certain skills but after the Harmony update those can also be learned normally. Just using the scroll will not consume skill points.