Seven Signs Part 2, Dying Message

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Minimum Level: 79 Party: -
Start Location: Oren Repeatable: No
Start NPC: Hollint Updated to: Goddess of Destruction
Requirements: Prerequisite quest: Seven Signs Part 1, Series of Doubt
Rewards: 25 000 000 exp, 2 500 000 SP

1 After finishing Seven Signs Part 1, Series of Doubt you can talk to Hollint again and take this quest. He tells you about the memorial service held by priest Cain outside Oren.

Dying01.jpg Dying02.jpg Dying03.jpg

2 Cain asks you for some more details about your involvement and then tells you he needs one more favour before he can perform the ceremony. So he sends you to fetch the Deadman's Herb from Herb Collector Eric in The Enchanted Valley. You should find him right at the port spot to Southern EV.

Dying05.jpg Dying06.jpg Dying07.jpg Dying08.jpg Dying09.jpg Dying10.jpg

3 Eric seems to be somewhat short of memory so you have to remind him what you are there for. He gives you the package of herbs and an apology.

Dying11.jpg Dying12.jpg

4 Back at Cain give him the package and he will start the ceremony. Now you get another cutscene and then when you talk to Cain again, he tells you to watch out as a mob called Shilen's Evil Thoughts pops up. It's not hard to kill even unbuffed.

Dying13.jpg Dying14.jpg Dying15.jpg

5 After killing him talk to Cain again. He tells you about dwarven magic and the Seven Signs and thinks he will need to investigate this further. In the meantime you should go talk to Sir Gustav Athebaldt in Oren.

Dying18.jpg Dying19.jpg Dying20.jpg Dying21.jpg

6 Sir Gustav Athebaldt is in front of the warrior guild and he rewards you with 25 000 000 exp, 2 500 000 SP. This was significantly more before High Five part 4 (see screenshot).

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