Seven Signs Part 3, Mammon's Contract

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Minimum Level: 79 Party: -
Start Location: Oren Repeatable: No
Start NPC: Sir Gustav Athebaldt Updated to: Goddess of Destruction
Requirements: Prerequisite quest: Seven Signs Part 2, Dying Message
Rewards: 52 518 015 exp, 5 817 677 SP

1 After finishing the previous part talk to Sir Gustav again and take the quest. This one is a bit more trouble compared to the ones you have done so far. So try to have a buffer who could give you Berserker Spirit since all normal speed buffs get deleted. The buffer can stay in Aden next to the NPC you get sent from here. So, Sir Gustav tells you a story about the history of Dawn and Dusk opposition and how the fight over the Seven Seals started.

Signs3 01.jpg

After a bit of talking you will get a cutscene about the same topic and it sure looks as it was done centuries ago...

Signscutscene01.jpg Signscutscene02.jpg

Then he sends you to get some training from secret agent Collin. Since Sir Gustav is an old man his instructions are somewhat misleading - he tells you to go to the Southern entrance of Oren but in fact you have to go to Aden (you'll get the correct info by clicking on his instructions in your quest inventory).

Signs3 02.jpg

2 Agent Collin briefs you about the newest methods of infiltration - not just dressing up but getting transformed is how you'll be disguised. And your first training task is to become a frog. He will transform you to a giant frog and all movement-related buffs get cancelled, except Berserker (that's where the buffer comes in). He also gives you some tips so pay attention - you must not go to water! Not logical for a frog I'd say. But if you get wet your transformation will be cancelled and you have to talk to Collin again to get a new one (I'll add a screenie in the later part as I tried it out during the next task).

Signs3 03.jpgCollin1.jpg

Now the fun about this task is that you have to go pretty far and the frog isn't exactly quick. You have a skill a bit alike Dash that gives you some extra speed but considering the time it takes to cast it and the fact that it only lasts 15 seconds I gave up and just used all the time I had on running. The transform lasts 7 minutes so once you've got it, buff up and run as fast as you can. You can cut some corners along the way, just make sure you don't have to swim.

Signs3 04.jpg

3 Talk to the frog king and between a lot of ribbiting you have to convince him to give you a blue bead for a frog lady. No worries though there isn't any more jumping to be done and all you have to do is take the bead to Collin as proof of your improving con artist skills. So you can wait for the transform to wear off and SoE back to town.

Signs3 05.jpg

Collin is happy with the result and is eager to give you another task.

Signs3 06.jpg

4 Now you get transformed to a young child, even though the chat says boy it does depend on your character's gender so I became a lovely little girl with a teddybear. This time you have to talk a wandering grandma out of her candy, she is a bit closer than the frog was (you might have noticed her on your way past). All the rest is the same - stay out of water and get the running done in 7 minutes or you lose the transform. You get a self-buff again but like I said it seemed a waste of time so if you have Berserker you should be good to go.

Signs3 07.jpg

NOTE: this is what happens if you try to swim, revert the transform and have to talk to Collin again (getting your toes wet does not count, you need to get deeper in water):

Signs3 08.jpg

But if everything goes as planned you will meet Grandma Tess and by using your cuteness convince her to give you her candy stash. Once again there's no need to find any other people but go straight back to Collin.

Signs3 09.jpg

He is happy with you and asks you to report back when you're ready for last training session

Signs3 10.jpg

5 Now this one is a bit nasty. You get transformed as before, it's a villager outfit this time. But you only have 3 minutes and even though you have to run less I still didn't make it first try. You need to meet Native Kuta in front of the Coliseum entrance.


Signs3 11.jpg

He complains about you being late and not having proper clothes so he will have to give you his old working gloves. As you probably know by now it's just another proof to take back to Collin so no need to go find work.

Signs3 12.jpg

NOTE: If you fail on the timer and arrive to Kuta without the transformation he will just ask you about a lad who was supposed to show up for work.


If for some reason you can't make it in time by running you can have yourself summoned to Kuta's location - I tried it out by having my Warlock in party and running her to the NPC. After being transformed by Collin I used Summon Friend skill and landed nicely in the right spot.

6 Back at Collin he says you have passed the tests and sends you off to speak to lady Claudia in the other side of Aden.

Signs3 13.jpg

7 Claudia Athebalt is outside town from the Northern gate and you should see her when you run out of the gate and head to right across the lawn. Besides showing off her curves she praises you for completing the training and rewards you with the usual 52 518 015 exp and 5 817 677 SP.

Signs3 14.jpg

She asks you to return when you're ready so by talking to her again you can begin the most nerve-breaking part of this quest chain Seven Signs Part 4, Secret Ritual of the Priests.