Seven Signs Part 4, Secret Ritual of the Priests

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Minimum Level: 79 Party: -
Start Location: Aden Repeatable: No
Start NPC: Claudia Athebalt Updated to: Goddess of Destruction
Requirements: Prerequisite quest: Seven Signs Part 3, Mammon's Contract
Rewards: 10 000 000 exp, 2 500 000 SP

Before you start doing this part there are some things to be prepared for. This quest is a pain. You might end up spending hours, days and even weeks doing it and failing. So make sure you have good internet connection, no distractions and lots of patience. It's glitchy sometimes and it can be a matter of seconds whether you succeed or not so prepare for the worst. That said I must add it was fun. In a nerve-wrecking way. And once you finish it the adrenaline keeps you going for the remaining parts and the rewards are really sweet. So good luck!

The guide has the basic steps screenshotted and in the end I've added some links to videos you should study to master the sneaky skills and safe routes inside the Sanctum. I suggest you study them carefully beforehand as once inside you are running on a timer and you should already know where to go and how. There is more than one option of choosing your way, just the basic direction and rooms are the same - but for example you can pick either left or right wall of the passages or the angle you pass the guards from. More detailed notes below.

1 Take the quest from Claudia Athebalt, she tells you about the Sanctum of Dawn and the task she has for you - to sneak in there and bring the last page of the contract. To get inside you'll need ID card and that you can get from Captain John in Gludio.


2 John is standing next to the Priest of Dawn and wants to kick your butt for start but when you tell him you were sent by Claudia he calms down and apologizes. He gives you the ID card as promised and sends you to talk to High Priest Raymond in temple for some last minute message from Claudia.


3  Raymond says he will transform you instead of Collin as he is not available at the moment and he also gives you the password for the storage room. Write the numbers down, you'll need to pick the right option in the end and from my own experience I saw that after hours of doing the quest and only a few minutes left on the timer your brain isn't exactly the quickest. And it would be so bad if you fail in the last part after all that trouble. He also tells you that if you need to lose or redo the transformation he will do it for you (there is no limitation on how many times you can transform).


NOTE: This is how you look in the transform (female characters) and this is the skill you should use so put it on your hotbar. Once you have transformed all your own skills and inventory gets greyed out so there is no possibility to use any skills or potions. You will lose all movement-related buffs (others stay but you don't really need them), you keep Berserker but it gets deleted once you teleport in the Sanctum. So if you're using a Korean guide be sure to pay attention to this since in Korean servers Berserker stays and they recommend you to use it. So far it seems the only thing that can add a bit more speed is the armor set with +DEX so I used Doom Light. If the armor has + Speed (like Dark Crystal) or if you have dyes for +DEX those do not improve your speed. Only thing that seems to work is armor set with +DEX and since speed is the crucial factor you might consider doing all you can to improve it. The skill lasts 20 seconds and it slows you down, if you need to remove it you can do it same way as you remove buffs (Alt + left click). The transformation does not have a timer, it lasts until you either finish the quest or talk to Raymond to remove it.


4 You need to use the Light of Dawn Teleporter to move into the Sanctum and this is when the instance timer starts counting. So port in once you are absolutely prepared to start the mission. There's one similar gatekeeper inside as well in case you want to get out.


5  Here is the entrance, there are few more similar devices below so all you need to do is talk to it and present your fake ID. Be careful as there are guards behind the door so don't go running in before you have determined a safe route. Once more: study the videos.


NOTE: As the quest says there is a difference between the behaviour of the male and female guards so be very careful especially when going around corners. In a nutshell: male guards can see you with the stealth skill on so don't bother to use it when you're absolutely sure there aren't any female guards around; female ones you can hide from and their aggro range is lot bigger than that of the male guards. The guards can see you even if you are behind them so keep a safe distance (in the videos you can see "safe spots" where you can wait if needed). There are moving guards and stationery ones, both male and female. Keep to walls and have the stealth skill on your hotbar - this is crucial for succeeding the instance as you don't always have time to think and calculate rather than just run. If there are multiple guards walking back and forth and you need to pass them spend some time to estimate their intervals and if it seems impossible to pass them still give it a try - if you aggro only one guard the other(s) keep walking so their sequence shifts a bit and next time it might be easier to get by. There are 2 restarting points so once you have passed the hallways and come to the entrance to a circular-looking room with guards scattered all around you have reached the second restart point; at least you don't have to redo all once you have got this far.


6 After passing the round room you come to another ID device, just use your fake card and the door opens. You get a cutscene about the priests performing a secret ritual.

Ritual cutscene01.jpg Ritual cutscene02.jpg

After this you have to pass through this room to reach the password device in the other side and of course you cannot go straight but you have to sneak around the guards. You can take either left or right side, they are basically similar so choose whichever you like. There are male and female guards again so keep the stealth skill up. Again spend some time calculating the best time to start moving, the guards shift their movement slightly so you can wait and see when it's in the way you want. You have to keep running most of the way, there are not many safe spots like in the hallways before. Once you reach the password device, double-check the code (I didn't risk trying what happens if you pick the wrong option) - Open the door and put stealth skill on since there are female guards standing in the library.


7  Keep to your right and locate second bookshelf. Talk to it and fetch the missing page. When you have it the bookshelf teleports you back outside and you're almost done!


8  Go talk to Raymond and since he has a little trouble reading the ancient language he sends you to Heine to meet an expert.


9  You'll find Iason Heine in the warehouse and after getting emotional about having such rare item he rewards you with 10 000 000 exp and 2 500 000 SP (before GoD update it was 52 518 015 exp and 5 817 677 SP) for this part and suggests you go get a drink - it's not such a bad idea ;)


Old rewards:


When you're ready come talk to him again and begin Seven Signs Part 5, Seal of the Emperor




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