Seven Signs Part 7, Embryo

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Minimum Level: 79 Party: -
Start Location: Aden Repeatable: No
Start NPC: Wood Updated to: Goddess of Destruction
Requirements: Prerequisite quest: Seven Signs Part 6, Sacred Book of Seal
Rewards: 67 500 000 exp, 15 000 000 SP, 1 500 000 Adena, Dawn's Bracelet

1  Talk to priest Wood again and he tells you that Franz is back and ready to meet you. Now before you have yourself ported to his quarters there's something you need to be prepared for. At some point of the conversation with Franz 3 mobs will spawn - one big and two small Shilen's Evil Thoughts. You only need to kill the big one but the others keep hitting you as well and they do pretty decent damage so if you're a squishier class try to have buff and heal potions ready. I tried to do it with having buffs but everything besides NPC buffs got deleted when I ported in. Probably it works same way as the catacomb part so self-buffs and scrolls/potions can be used after porting in. Since it was some event going on I could get the buffs you normally receive from the Newbie guide (therefore not usable when you're lvl 79) and those stayed. People have said you lose exp when you die at this part.

Once you're ready to go in tell Franz that you're feeling privileged and he moves you to a clan-hall looking room with the zone title Neutral Waterways.


2 Talk to Franz and hear some secrets regarding the Seven Seals. Suddenly he tells it's gone cold and that's your cue - when you click "Look around" in the dialogue, the mobs will spawn so be ready.


When you kill the big mob the other will disappear and you get a little cutscene with yourself standing on the corpse.

Signs7 08.jpg

3  Talk to Franz again and he gives you more creepy stuff. In the end he asks if you would be ready to help them again if needed.


Talk to the priestess standing next to Franz and get ported back outside.


3 Back at Wood he asks you to keep the secret well and rewards you with the final 67 500 000 exp, 15 000 000 SP, 1 500 000 Adena (old rewards were 315 108 090 exp, 34 906 059 SP, 1 500 000 Ancient Adena) and Dawn's Bracelet. Even though the current reward seems to be a lot smaller compared to pre-GoD, this last part still gave me 17.5% exp at lvl 79 so I guess it has to do with the decreased amount of overall exp needed per level (the change that has been done in the last couple of updates).


Old rewards:

Embryo05.jpg Embryo06.jpg

Once you reach lvl 81 the quest will continue with more adventures in Seven Signs Part 8, Girl of Doubt. So until then do as he said - train ;)