Seven Signs Part 8, Girl of Doubt

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Minimum Level: 81 Party: -
Start Location: Aden Repeatable: no
Start NPC: Wood Updated to: Goddess of Destruction
Requirements: Seven Signs Part 7, Embryo
Rewards: 10,000,000 Exp, 1,000,000 SP

  • Since you need to go to the little house in beast farm many times, maybe consider sticking a summoner there - saved me a lot of running doing that.

1 Start by talking to Wood in Aden's temple.

Wood.jpg Girlofdoubt1.jpg Girlofdoubt2.jpg Girlofdoubt3.jpg Girlofdoubt4.jpg

2 He sends you off to an instance where you talk to Priest Franz.

Girlofdoubt5.jpg Girlofdoubt6.jpg Girlofdoubt7.jpg Girlofdoubt8.jpg

3 Talk to Priest Jaina to leave the instance.

Girlofdoubt9.jpg Girlofdoubt10.jpg

4 Franz sends you off to visit Elcadia. She can be found in an instance as well. To get there, you need to find Gruff-looking Man found in the beast farm.

Girlofdoubt11.jpg Girlofdoubt11a.jpg Girlofdoubt11b.jpg

5 Talk to Elcadia.

Girlofdoubt13.jpg Girlofdoubt14.jpg Girlofdoubt15.jpg Girlofdoubt16.jpg

6 Talk with Elcadia again to exit the instance.


7 She directs you to kill Golem's in Pavel Ruins. You need to kill 10 to earn 10 Elcadia's Mark's.

Girlofdoubt19.jpg Girlofdoubt20.jpg Girlofdoubt18.jpg

8 Bring the marks back to Elcadia.

Girlofdoubt21.jpg Girlofdoubt22.jpg Girlofdoubt23.jpg

9 She has one more test for you. You need to kill 2 Creatures of Dusk that spawn after talking to her.


10 Once killed, talk to Elcadia once again.

Girlofdoubt25.jpg Girlofdoubt26.jpg Girlofdoubt27.jpg Girlofdoubt28.jpg

11 She sends you over to talk to Hardin found in Hardin's Private Academy

Girlofdoubt29.jpg Girlofdoubt30.jpg Girlofdoubt31.jpg Girlofdoubt32.jpg Girlofdoubt33.jpg

12 He sends you back to talk with Elcadia. You will receive 10,000,000 Exp and 1,000,000 SP.


Proceed to the next quest in the series: Seven Signs Part 9, Forbidden Book of the Elmore-Aden Kingdom