Seven Signs Part 9, Forbidden Book of the Elmore-Aden Kingdom

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Minimum Level: 81 Party: -
Start Location: Beast Farm Repeatable: no
Start NPC: Elcadia Updated to: Goddess of Destruction
Requirements: Seven Signs Part 8, Girl of Doubt
Rewards: 15,000,000 Exp, 1,500,000 SP

1 Start off by talking to Elcadia. if you just finished the previous quest in the series, you should still be standing right by her. If not, you can get to her by visiting the Gruff-looking Man found in the beast farm.

Girlofdoubt11.jpg Girlofdoubt11a.jpg Girlofdoubt11b.jpg

Girlofdoubt13.jpg Forbiddenbook0a.jpg Forbiddenbook0b.jpg Forbiddenbook0c.jpg

2 She directs you to talk with Sophia found in the mystic guild in Rune. Sophia takes you into an instance.

Forbiddenbook1.jpg Forbiddenbook2.jpg Forbiddenbook3.jpg Forbiddenbook4.jpg

3 Talk with Elcadia who stands there within the instance.

Forbiddenbook30.jpg Forbiddenbook5.jpg Forbiddenbook6.jpg

4  You are directed to talk to Sophia.

Forbiddenbook7.jpg Forbiddenbook8.jpg Forbiddenbook9.jpg Forbiddenbook10.jpg

5 Talk to Elcadia again.


6 and then Sophia again.

Forbiddenbook12.jpg Forbiddenbook13.jpg Forbiddenbook14.jpg

7 and Elcadia again.

Forbiddenbook15.jpg Forbiddenbook16.jpg

8 and Sophia again.

Forbiddenbook17.jpg Forbiddenbook18.jpg Forbiddenbook19.jpg

9 You are taken to a underground library to find a book. Once you walk in, turn to your left and you will find a pile of books. Talk to it.

Forbiddenbook24.jpg Forbiddenbook22.jpg

10 Talk to Elcadia, who has been following you, twice.

Forbiddenbook23.jpg Forbiddenbook25.jpg

11 Talk to Sophia to exit the underground library and then again to exit the instance.


11 Go back to the Beast farm to talk to the Gruff-looking Man in order to visit Elcadia. You will receive 15,000,000 Exp and 1,500,000 SP.

Girlofdoubt11.jpg Girlofdoubt11a.jpg Girlofdoubt11b.jpg

Girlofdoubt13.jpg Forbiddenbook27.jpg Forbiddenbook28.jpg Forbiddenbook29.jpg

Proceed to the next quest in the series: Seven Signs Part 10, To the Monastery of Silence