Shadow Fox I

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Minimum Level: 37 Party:
Start Location: Heine Repeatable: no
Start NPC: Mia Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: 14,050 adena, 30,000 EXP and 2000 SP

by Elmar

This quest is part of a chain in Dion, Giran and Heine, which give you some good experience awards in your 30s. These quests are:

  1. Temple Executor and Temple Missionary
  2. Temple Champion I
  3. Temple Champion II
  4. Shadow Fox I
  5. Shadow Fox II
  6. Shadow Fox III
  7. Fallen Angel - Request of Dawn or Fallen Angel - Request of Dusk

1) This quest starts from Warehouse Keeper Mia in Heine.

Shadowfoxi1.jpg Shadowfoxi2.jpg

2) Mia reveals that there is a secret organization of information dealers headed by Shadow Fox. As his nom de guerre indicates, he is a very elusive person. In order to meet him you must join the organization and work your way up through the ranks. Mia, a low-level information dealer herself, can make you a low-level agent if you help her find evidence that Iason Heine is in cahoots with the Tasaba Lizardmen.

Shadowfoxi3.jpg Shadowfoxi4.jpg Shadowfoxi5.jpg

Shadowfoxi6.jpg Shadowfoxi7.jpg Shadowfoxi8.jpg

Shadowfoxi9.jpg Shadowfoxi10.jpg Shadowfoxi11.jpg

Shadowfoxi12.jpg Shadowfoxi13.jpg Shadowfoxi14.jpg

3) Go to the Field of Silence (that's a teleport destination from Heine) and kill regular Tasaba Lizardmen as well as Tasaba Lizardman Shamans until you get a Records Chest and at least 10 pieces of the key to the Chest. For a second income I would recommend that you also pick up the "Black Swan" quest from Captain Gosta. There you have to kill the same monsters and in the guide for that quest I have written a bit about the tribal organization of the Tasaba Lizardmen.

Shadowfoxi15.jpg Shadowfoxi16.jpg Shadowfoxi17.jpg

Shadowfoxi18.jpg Shadowfoxi19.jpg

You will get a Key Fragment for almost every kill, but the Records Chest itself takes much longer - I had 36 Records Chest Key Fragments by the time I finally got the Chest.

4) Return to Mia, who will reforge the key and open the Records Chest. Unfortunately the vital information is in code. Nevertheless, you have done your part and will be rewarded with 14,050 adena, 30,000 exp and 2000 Sp. If you are level 43 or above, you will only get the adena.

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