Shadow Fox II

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Minimum Level: 37 Party:
Start Location: Heine Repeatable: no
Start NPC: Kluck Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: 18,775 adena, 30,000 EXP and 2000 SP

by Elmar

This quest is part of a chain in Dion, Giran and Heine, which give you some good experience awards in your 30s. These quests are:

  1. Temple Executor and Temple Missionary
  2. Temple Champion I
  3. Temple Champion II
  4. Shadow Fox I
  5. Shadow Fox II
  6. Shadow Fox III
  7. Fallen Angel - Request of Dawn or Fallen Angel - Request of Dusk

1) Talk to Warehouse Freightman Kluck in Heine.

Shadowfoxii1.jpg Shadowfoxii2.jpg

2) The task you have to undertake in order to become a mid-level agent in Shadow Fox' organisation has to do with the Sword of Othelotte, the symbol and justification of power of the Lords of Innadril. The sword had vanished some time ago, but Dark Elf Magister Xenovia is in possession of an encoded document where a reference to the weapon is made. Go see Xenovia.

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3) But first you might want to pay a visit to Trader Enverun in the Grocery. He can give you more background information on the Sword of Othelotte.


4) Magister Xenovia is in the Dark Elf Guild on the east side of the town.

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5) Xenovia doesn't want to give you the encoded document dealing with Eva's sword because she needs it for her own magical research. But if you procure some materials for her, that's a different thing.

Shadowfoxii11.jpg Shadowfoxii12.jpg Shadowfoxii13.jpg

Shadowfoxii14.jpg Shadowfoxii15.jpg Shadowfoxii16.jpg

The problem here is that the process to refine the Dark Oxides is pure random. You need 5 Dark Crystals as raw material to produce one Dark Oxide. Xenovia needs 3 Dark Oxides, and since you have a chance of 2 out of 3 to fail, better prepare to collect 45 Crystals.

Shadowfoxii17.jpg Shadowfoxii18.jpg

6) The monsters from whom you get the Dark Crystals are all in the Field of Whispers west of Heine: Crokians (lvl 36, aggressive), Crokian Warriors (lvl 38, double HP, aggressive), knife-throwing Dailaons (lvl 37, passive) and Farhite mages (lvl 39, double HP, passive); the spelling "Parhit" on the quest screen is wrong. You get a Dark Crystal for almost every kill. NOTE: from the Epilogue update this area has been changed so the mobs have been relocated to Alligator Beach.

Those beasts are all social with each other, so be careful! On the other hand, for the "Method to Raise the Dead" you also have to kill Crokians and Crokian Warriors. You might want to pick up that quest from Locksmith Dorothy to get a second income.

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7) When you have a sufficient number of Dark Crystals (you can collect as many as you want), return to Magister Xenovia in Heine. Now a somewhat nerve-racking process starts. Xenovia offers you three different solutions (which are actually solvents) and you must choose which one to use. This is a purely random process where the wheel of fortune starts to turn anew with each experiment. I chose "red" (wrong), "blue" (right), "yellow" (right) and "blue" (right). After each try you have to start the conversation with Xenovia again.

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8) When you have 3 Dark Oxides, Xenovia will take them and give you in exchange the Cryptogram, i.e. the encoded document concerning the Goddess Sword.

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9) Return to Warehouse Freightman Kluck. He will promote you to mid-level agent and reward you with 18,775 adena, 30,000 exp and 2000 SP. If you are level 43 or above you will only get the adena.

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