Shadow Fox III

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Minimum Level: 37 Party:
Start Location: Heine Repeatable: no
Start NPC: Natools Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: 88,888 adena, 278,005 exp and 17,058 SP

by Elmar

This quest is part of a chain in Dion, Giran and Heine, which give you some good experience awards in your 30s. These quests are:

  1. Temple Executor and Temple Missionary
  2. Temple Champion I
  3. Temple Champion II
  4. Shadow Fox I
  5. Shadow Fox II
  6. Shadow Fox III
  7. Fallen Angel - Request of Dawn or Fallen Angel - Request of Dusk

1) Talk to Warehouse Chief Natools in Heine.

Shadowfoxiii1.jpg Shadowfoxiii2.jpg

2) In order to become a high-level agent in Shadow Fox' organization you must undertake a further mission. You have to go to Alligator Beach (the Field of Whispers will also do) and kill Crokian Warriors, Farhites or Alligators to recover 30 reports another high-level agent lost there when he got killed.

Shadowfoxiii3.jpg Shadowfoxiii4.jpg Shadowfoxiii5.jpg

Shadowfoxiii6.jpg Shadowfoxiii7.jpg

3) This is not easy, especially if you are only level 37. Crokian Warriors (lvl 38, aggressive) and Farhites (lvl 39, passive) are double HP and the lvl 40 aggressive Alligators will be yellow to you. If you are already level 40, however, you can pick up "Alligator Hunter" from Trader Enverun in the Grocery for a second income.

Shadowfoxiii8.jpg Shadowfoxiii9.jpg

Shadowfoxiii10.jpg Shadowfoxiii11.jpg Shadowfoxiii12.jpg

4) When you have 30 of your Predecessor's Reports (you get one for every kill), return to Warehouse Chief Natools in Heine. As it turns out, Shadow Fox, the head of the mysterious information dealer network, is none other than Natools.

Shadowfoxiii13.jpg Shadowfoxiii14.jpg Shadowfoxiii15.jpg

Shadowfoxiii16.jpg Shadowfoxiii17.jpg Shadowfoxiii18.jpg

5) In connection with the wounded angel Shadow Fox has received requests for assistance from the Rulers of Dawn as well as from the Revolutionaries of Dusk. Both requests are mutually exclusive and you must choose which one to accept.

Shadowfoxiii19.jpg Shadowfoxiii20.jpg Shadowfoxiii21.jpg

To help you decide, Natools gives you some information about the political goals of both parties.

Shadowfoxiii22.jpg Shadowfoxiii23.jpg Shadowfoxiii24.jpg

6) Natools will reward you with 88,888 adena, 278,005 exp and 17,058 SP (if you are level 43 or above, you will only get the adena). Then you must choose whether you want to continue with "Fallen Angel - Request of Dusk" or "Fallen Angel - Request of Dawn". "Dusk" is a relatively easy errand-running quest, whereas for "Dawn" you have to go into the Ant Nest. For "Dawn" you get a slightly higher adena reward.

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