Shadow of Light

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by EllieBelly

1) This quest starts with the Eye of Argos at the Wall of Argos at level 68. He requests that you bring back 100 items from Buffalo Slaves and Grendel Slaves, also at the Wall of Argos.

Shadowoflight7.jpg Shadowoflight1.jpg Shadowoflight2.jpg

2) Both can be found around the middle of the Wall of Argos, both have 3x hp and are located around plenty of social aggro mobs. The drop rate is around 1/3.

Shadowoflight3.jpg Shadowoflight4.jpg

3) When you have 100 items go back to the Eye of Argos and receive 40,000 adena, 3 Tateossian jewelry parts, 120,000 exp and 20,000 sp.

Shadowoflight5.jpg Shadowoflight6.jpg