Shards of Golem

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Minimum Level: 10 Party: .
Start Location: Talking Island Village Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Harrys Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: Wooden Breastplate and 5000 exp

1 This quest starts in the Talking Island village temple with Magister Harrys. He sends you to Blacksmith Altran.


2 Altran, who is near the center of town not in a building, asks you to kill Rock Golems to retrieve golem shards.


3 He said Rock but they are actually called Stone Golems, you can find them north of the Obelisk right off the northern TI port. They are magic resist so it will take more hits from a mystic than a melee class. Once you have 5 shards go back to Altran.


4 Altran takes the shards and hands over a toolbox. Deliver it to Harrys.


5 Harrys takes the toolbox and rewards you with a Wooden Breastplate and 5,000 exp.