Shriek of Ghosts

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Minimum Level: 59-71 Party: -
Start Location: Aden Repeatable: yes
Start NPC: Reva Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Freya
Rewards: Adena

1 Visit Seer Reva in the Orc Guild of Aden.


Ghosts1.jpg Ghosts2.jpg Ghosts3.jpg Ghosts43.jpg

2 Hunt mobs to obtain quest items Ancient Ash Urn and Ancient Porcelain. These can be found from mobs in the Tower of Insolence.

Ghosts5.jpg Ghosts6.jpg

Floor 3: Hellate's Knight Floor 4: Hallate's Warrior Floor 5: Hallate's Commander
HallatesWarrior.jpg HallatesKnight.jpg HallatesCommander.jpg

3 Once you've finished fighting (bring back at least 100 Ancient Ash Urn's), go back to visit Seer Reva in the Orc Guild of Aden and he will take the Ancient Ash Urn and reward you with adena. He does not want any of the Ancient Porcelain you've obtain.

Reva1.jpg Ghosts7.jpg

4 However, those Ancient Procelain's are still useful. There's two things you can do with it. 1) Sell it to the store for 4,000 adena each or 2) Visit Antique Dealer Patrin found in the grocery store in Oren. I find the first more profitable in the end and a heck of a lot less labor intensive, but if you wish for the second option, here are the details:

Patrin1.jpg Ghosts9.jpg

For every Ancient Porcelain handed in to Patrin, one at a time, he will provide you back with any one of the following:

Name Sells to store for:
Porcelain.jpg Ancient Porcelain: Excellent 6,000 adena
Porcelain.jpg Ancient Porcelain: High Quality 4,000 adena
Porcelain.jpg Ancient Porcelain: Low Quality 2,500 adena
Porcelain.jpg Ancient Porcelain: Lowest Quality 1,000 adena