Signs of Revolt

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Note: This quest is no longer valid since the Chaotic Throne 2 - Epilogue update as the area was revamped for higher levels. The rewards for these quests can be retrieved through the News Informer in town. Be sure to have all quest items in your inventory before talking to the News Informer.

1) This quest, which can be picked up at level 40, starts with Beacon Tower Manager Torrant in front of the signal tower above Caron's Dungeon, some distance southwest of Schuttgart.

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2) The treacherous Ragna Orcs encamped in the area are trying to revolt (if you are an Orc you will remember them from your Test of Glory. When you agree to help, Torrant will give you a long list of Orcs and their summoned creatures to kill. You are to snatch from them 180 of the Cursed Dolls they use for their evil magic.

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3) To the left and right of the road to Schuttgart you will find encampments with simple Ragna Orcs (lvl 40, passive), Ragna Orc Shamans (lvl 42, passive), Ragna Orc Archers (lvl 43, passive), Ragna Orc Warriors (lvl 44, aggressive) and Ragna Orc Mages (lvl 45, passive). The safest ones to attack are the Archers (watch out that there are no other mobs in their direction of flight). All others will summon up help when you have hurt them for more than half their HP. The simple Orcs and the Warriors will suddenly have one - in the latter case sometimes two - Shamans right next to them who heal them, assist them in attacking you and even can pull your target away from the Warrior to themselves, like a Tank. Make sure to bring a good weapon so that you can kill fast. Even worse are the (non-summoned) Shamans and the Mages, who will call up a group consisting of a Dark Corpse (lvl 40), a Dark Spider (lvl 42) and a Guardian of the Ghost Town (lvl 44) which are normally passive but in this case will attack you all at once. Fortunately they are half HP and the Dark Corpse as well as the Guardian of the Ghost Town also give the quest item, albeit at a lower rate. From the Orcs you get a Cursed Doll for every other kill, whereas with spiders, zombies, and floating eyes it is more like 1 out of 5.

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4) Further towards the Crypts of Disgrace you will find Ragna Orc Snipers (lvl 47, passive), Ragna Orc Heroes (lvl 48, aggressive), Ragna Orc Commanders (lvl 49 aggressive) and Ragna Orc Sorcerers (lvl 50, passive). As with the Archers near the Beacon Tower, the Snipers are relatively safe to attack. The Heroes and Commanders however will call up one or two lvl 45 Ragna Orc Healers when pressured, who, like the Shamans, can heal and pull away your target. Varangka's Succubi (lvl 49, half HP, passive) who are flapping around the encampment also give the quest item, but at a much lower rate than the Orcs.

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5) When you have 180 Cursed Dolls, return to Torrant. For a reward you can choose between 21,600 adena, 12 Coarse Bone Powder, 9 Steel or 20 Leather.

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