Skirmish with the Orcs

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Minimum Level: 10 Party: -
Start Location: Elven Village Repeatable: -
Start NPC: Kendell Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Epilogue
Requirements: Race-specific to Elves only
Rewards: 17599 adena, 100 lesser healing potions, Red Sunset Sword or Red Sunset Staff depending on your class, echo crystals, NG shots, 41478 exp, 3555 sp

1 This quest starts in the Elven Village, at the southeast gate (by the gatekeeper) with Sentinel Kendell. He asks that you hunt orc leaders, and doesn't tell you which ones so you'll have to look in your quest item inventory to see his list. THE LISTS ARE RANDOM so see the locations below if yours is different than this one.

Skirmishwiththeorcs1.jpg Skirmishwiththeorcs2.jpg Skirmishwiththeorcs3.jpg Skirmishwiththeorcs4.jpg

2 The first orc is Kaboo Chief Kracha, he's south of town. Once he's dead go back to Sentinel Kendell.


3 Kendell will give you another orc to kill, this time it's Kaboo Chief Turel, who is north of Iris Lake. Defeat him and return to Sentinell Kendell again


Here are the rest of the possible locations/orcs.

Skirmishwiththeorcs9.jpg Skirmishwiththeorcs10.jpg Skirmishwiththeorcs11.jpg Skirmishwiththeorcs12.jpg Skirmishwiththeorcs13.jpg Skirmishwiththeorcs14.jpg

4 Sentinell Kendell will reward you with a Red Sunset Sword or Red Sunset Staff depending on your class, a slew of echo crystals, and 7,000 soulshots/spiritshots no grade for newbies.


The new rewards for CT2 Gracia are almost too long to type, see the screenie instead


This is one of the quests the Newbie Guide gives so go talk to him after you're done.