Slay the enemy commander! (Varka)

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Minimum Level: 75 Party: .
Start Location: Ketra Orc Outpost Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Ashas Varka Durai Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: 10,000 exp and Feather of Wisdom

1 This quest is for players who have Alliance level 4 with the Varka Silenos. It must be completed before moving on to Alliance level 5. It starts with Ashas Varka Durai in the Varka Silenos Outpost. He asks that you kill Raid Boss Ketra's Commander Tayr.

Slay1.jpg Slay2.jpg Slay3.jpg

2 Tyr is in the Ketra Orc Outpost and needless to say you need a proper group or groups to take him down.

Slay4.jpg Slay5.jpg

3 When he is dead, you will receive the Head of Tyr. Go back to Ashas and receive a Feather of Wisdom and 10,000 exp.

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